The Jefferson Theater

Charlottesville, VA

Oct 26, 2021

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About Formats
Show Notes

FOH Matrix by Justin Doan


Rachel 1/8/2022 7:43:27 PM

"They had me at…. Best wishes for more magic. I love this band!"

Phacho1013 11/30/2021 5:51:22 AM

"Was a great night and it was awesome to hear a jam band actually jam the Phuck out????Good job Spafford?????"

Phan_Halen 11/10/2021 6:47:31 PM

"Set 2 is excellent. Greatest live band on the planet. "

Jams galore 10/30/2021 4:26:46 PM

"Best show of the tour so far both performance and sound wise. Keep it up! "

Rendog 10/29/2021 11:21:27 PM

"I love Spafford. I got hooked on u through because of Jams and sound quality. What are the Eggy dudes using for their recordings this tour?. Please consult with them. Nonetheless so grateful for Spaff sorry for my pickings. The last few recordings are getting better."


Setlist at The Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville, VA on Oct 26, 2021

Set One

Gold Glittered Hat 3493


Set Two

Comfortable 2884


Ginger Stardust 447



The Remedy 608


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