The Warehouse at FTC

Fairfield, CT

Apr 19, 2024

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About Formats
Show Notes

“Can’t Catch Me Now” - Olivia Rodrigo,                                             

FOH Matrix by Dhvanit “DP” Patel


IG 5/16/2024 8:44:35 AM

"My first Spafford show lived up to the hype. Great vibes and greater jams ??"

207_Tuna 4/30/2024 10:27:51 AM

"Short on time?  Jump to the LTLO.  But really you should make time, because this show is worthy of a full listen (and re-listen).  Something tells me we're witnessing a major development within this band - picking up velocity and increasing quality almost exponentially at this point.  To my ears, this started with Spaff Ski, continued in March (specifically with those Roanoke shows), and picked back up again in S2 of Harrisburg.  And this second set should be considered a high-water mark (until the next one) for the bands improvisational jamming development. Set 1: Diesel Driver gets the party started, picking up right where we left off on the previous show.  A gradual, delicate, blissful peak characterizes this jam.  After the peak, Jordan and Nick pick up the pace and we enter a dirty breakbeat jam.  I could have lived in this space for an hour.  Filty version. Patient and passive transition into Can't Catch Me (in which the Moss solo goes to a full 10.  white hot.).  Passive transition to Pursuit of Madness.  Really like this tonal pairing of O-Rod and POM - perfect spot in the set for it, too.  POM is worth its weight for the segue into VBD alone.  Bean Dip features some A+ jazz piano work from Cory.    Set 2: They get after it immediately in LTLO.  First Jordan, then Cory, and finally Brian - all with excellent individual moments of playing in the first 10 minutes (collective moments, too).  Around 20 minutes in the jam takes a welcome weird turn.  Right back where we left off in the prior night's "Eyes of Theives" - real deal type 2 territory.  An absolutely wild ride into some deep, dark waters.  All 4 members are in lock step throughout this entire jam.  This one is a keeper. One thing Spafford knows how to do well is capitalize on the energy from big jams like LTLO.  What better way to do that by throwing a lit match (Taco) into a fuel-soaked room?  Taco delivers as well.  Listen carefully for Nick calling out cues around the 6:30 mark (I thought it was a sample at first).  The jam spaces out some with Brian and Jordan hinting at dipping back into the dark well, but Cory and Nick steer them back towards the light of the typical Taco peak.  The post peak jam is funky, with Brian, Cory, and Jordan all pushing for some darker-toned improv within the overall segue to Lonely.  Nick hops right on board and the end result is some lovely music ahead of the start of Lonely.  A high-quality version, Lonely puts a cap on what will surely be considered one of the best shows of the year."

Playing mantis 4/26/2024 8:56:18 PM

"Went out and got a bit too turnt playing Crokinole with some friends. Threw on this Diesel Driver walking home and WOW it shaped my whole night. This spring tour has been so good for Spafford. "

Spirit animal 4/24/2024 5:56:06 AM

"Damn this mix is pristine. Love the keyboard player. Wow. "

Mark 4/23/2024 1:24:55 PM

"The energy in the venue was palpable! Can't go wrong with a 3 song second set ??"


Setlist at The Warehouse at FTC, Fairfield, CT on Apr 19, 2024

Set One

Frog Gossip 390


Diesel Driver 1825


Can't Catch Me Now 346


Pursuit of Madness 1100


Virtual Bean Dip 482


Set Two

Leave The Light On 1697


Electric Taco Stand 1438


Lonely 1261



It's A Bunch 320


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