The Orange Peel

Asheville, NC

Oct 23, 2021

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About Formats
About Formats

Phan_Halen 2/10/2022 5:58:26 PM

"Second set is what this show is all about. When It Falls -> Dis Go In 5? > Weasel is straight gas. Always love their Into The Mystic cover too. Red nails it. "

Ian 10/28/2021 7:55:01 AM

"Love Spafford, the cover of Tongue N Groove by Steve Kimmock is flawless. Well done!"

Ida Fith 10/26/2021 8:51:50 PM

"First Spaff show, what an absolute blast! It's beautiful to hear a band so locked in and clearly listening to each other, the jams were buttery smooth all night and that Red's Jam ALMOST made me a Braves fan... Almost. My highlights were the monster set 1 Leave The Light On and that fat, untzy Weasel, but truly the entire show is an amazing effort. Hope you guys make it back to AVL soon! Eggy was also a nice surprise. Those dudes fuck waaay harder than Goose and they seem like super nice guys as well. Congrats to the happy couple, what a beautiful moment!!"

Phloridian 10/26/2021 4:51:22 PM

"Such a special show. My buddy got remarried between set 2 and encore. Red gives him a shoutout as they encore with him and his wife’s wedding song. The crowd chant in Red’s Jam...just a great show to end a fantastic Carolina run. "


Setlist at The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC on Oct 23, 2021

Set One

Take Your MamA 371


People 821


Simon & Lilly 226


Leave The Light On 1510


Tounge N' Groove 647


When It Falls 1314


Dis Go In 5? 460


Weasel 1372


Red's Jam 1079


Plans 1034


Into The Mystic 452


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