Nov 14, 2020


The Pound, Phoenix, AZ

11/14/20 The Pound, Phoenix, AZ


Set One

It's A Bunch 6303


Ain't That Wrong 1314


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Mitch Morales 12/11/2020 1:14:31 PM

"I was sitting by the firepit last night and put this on and was blown away for two hours.. Absolutely awesome! Played through 2 ue megaboom 3 and one boom 3..the sound was awesome..."

Frank 12/9/2020 8:46:47 AM

"I have played this daily since it was released and it brings me a lot of joy. The video of this performance is also worth watching. The smiles on the band as they are creating this is infectious and is amazing to behold. Long live spafford!"

Officious Tortfeasor 12/8/2020 3:54:44 PM

"Best band on the planet"

Jeff 12/6/2020 12:05:25 PM


Rick 12/4/2020 8:28:31 AM

"Incredible. I never heard of these guys before. Have to find more. "