Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers

Dagle's Choice, Volume 2


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Show Notes

Greetings everyone.  It was great to see the enthusiasm for Volume 1 so here is the follow up.  I mainly picked songs that I think go well together and could have been a set.   Since it isn't apparent what shows these songs are from I've decided to include a short list  (I assume that once you download them they will be tagged with the specific show and date).

1. I Truly Understand - NYC 09|26|09.  A really nice solo piano version showcasing his love of this traditional folk song.

2. This Too Shall Pass - DETROIT MI 10|30|09.  It's always been one of my favorite songs.  I love the mood and it goes to some really interesting melodic areas. 

3. Talk of the Town - MUNHAL PA 10|11|09.  This song always has a good chance for getting into something completely new.  From a great show in an old church outside of PIttsburgh.
4. Big Stick - INDIANAPOLIS IN 10|29|09.  I'm a sucker for this kind of rhythm guitar playing.  I always try to make this song kick butt for the audience. 

5. Defenders of the Flag - GREAT BARRINGTON MA 10|06|09.  More guitar love.  Plus Bruce is usually pretty entertaining on this one.  I think it has something to do with not having to concentrate so hard on his "bootleg" accordian playing and just having fun singing.

6. Invisible - BRIDGEPORT CT 10|02|09.  This song has been around for a lot longer than most people know.  It's another one of this songs that just hits me right.  I guess I'm showing my weakness for good pop music.  It's nice to have this one out there for everyone to enjoy.

7. Spider Fingers - PEEKSKILL NY 07|31|09.  This version has a great middle section with a  little "Superfreak" and "Tightin Up".  This song kind of defines the band in many ways for me.

8. Rainbows Cadillac - RICHMOND VA 10|03|09.  This is a fun version with a nice long "Backhand" intro from a show at the National Theater in Richmond. It's really one of my favorite venues in the country.  There are some great moments from this show.

9. Here We Are Again > End of the Innocence - BOSTON MA 9|27|09. 7 1/2 minutes of melodic, ethereal good stuff.  Like "This Too Shall Pass", "Sticks and Stones", I really enjoy this side of Bruce.

10. Mandolin Rain > Black Muddy River - PORTSMOUTH NH 09|29|09.  I know it's been around for a while but I truly love this combo.  See if you can tell where Bruce is holding back a chuckle.  I'll give you a hint - it's very exposed.

More "choice" songs to follow.  Please check back every week or so. 




I Truly Understand 128


This Too Shall Pass 403


Talk of the Town 591


Big Stick 218


Defenders of the Flag 273


Invisible 241


Spider Fingers 488


Rainbows Cadillac 512


Here We Are Again > End Of The Innocence 448


Mandolin Rain > Black Muddy River 710


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