Gov't Mule

Burg Herzberg Festival

Breitenbach am Herzberg, DE

Jul 20, 2013

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
07.20.2013 Burg Herzberg Festival, Breitenbach am Herzberg, Hesse, Germany
1 Set
Maggot Brain > 
Thorazine Shuffle
Banks Of The Deep End
Rocking Horse > 
Lively Up Yourself with Black Dog Tease
Patchwork Quilt
She Said, She Said > 
Tomorrow Never Knows
Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home with Jim McCarty & Carmine Appice without Matt Abts
Brand New Angel
Inside Outside Woman Blues
Steppin' Lightly
Blind Man In The Dark with The Theme From Mission: Impossible Tease
One Of These Days > 
Cortez The Killer

Ami-Bob 7/24/2013 5:51:59 PM

"Beginning in 1968 Germany's Burg Herzberg Festival has hosted many of the worlds best bands and singers. This years line up raised the bar a bit. Moe., Steve Hackett, The MULE and (original)Spin Doctors were the headliners. By the Time the Mule hit the stage on Sat night it was defiantly a special festival. Moe. had won over a new core of fans the sun was never ending. The vibe was one of good will and just no worries. Old school Psychedelic rock, progressive rock are the norms for the Fest so the opening of "Maggot Brain" was a grand choice. From that point on, one could feel the power and the amazement of the crowd. Some of whom just being introduced to the band through the new single. "Brand New Angel" brought a rocking roar by the now even fuller main stage area. Just before BNA "Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home" with Jim McCarty & Carmine Appice was a nice treat(both of the band Cactus) gave Matt Abts a chance to watch one of the greatest drummer in the world show off his chops. Most fitting songs of the night comes on the encore. The choice of the "One Of These Days -> Cortez The Killer" made the evenings Psychedelic blues-rock set complete. eine große Nacht der Musik wurde hatte. A great night of music was had "


Setlist at Burg Herzberg Festival, Breitenbach am Herzberg, DE on Jul 20, 2013

Set One

Introduction 377


Maggot Brain 382


Mule 560


Thorazine Shuffle 731


Banks Of The Deep End 375


Rocking Horse 520


Lively Up Yourself 635


Patchwork Quilt 319


She Said She Said 257


Tomorrow Never Knows 455


Introductions 65


Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home 754


Brand New Angel 415


Inside Outside Woman Blues 565


Steppin Lightly 415


Blind Man In The Dark 814



One Of These Days 455


Cortez The Killer 853


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