Gov't Mule

Daze Between at Faubourg Brewing Co.

New Orleans, LA

May 1, 2024

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

John The Revelator (Wade In The Water tease) (w/ Dirty Dozen Brass Band)

Chameleon (w/ Dirty Dozen Brass Band)

Same As It Ever Was (Days Between Intro)

Soulshine (w/ Chuck Leavell & Daniel Donato)

Wild Horses (w/ Chuck Leavell & Grace Potter)

Gold Dust Woman (w/ Chuck Leavell, Grace Potter, & Daniel Donato)

Blue Sky (w/ Chuck Leavell & Duane Betts)

Dreaming Out Loud (w/ Ivan Neville)

Devil Likes It Slow (Les Brers tease) (w/ John Scofield & Karl Denson)

Spanish Moon (w/ Ivan Neville, John Scofield, & Karl Denson)

Sco-Mule (w/ John Scofield)


Reply to Bo 5/12/2024 11:12:13 AM

"Indeed brotha, shit was special - will be back next year for sure"

Bo' 5/10/2024 6:12:15 PM

" I thought the above reviews were just sycophantic. But- WOW! I agree. That might be the best Mule show that I have ever observed. Warren is a master, mentor and teacher. It is so profound to watch the best step back quietly and give the stage to very talented young, artists. Along with so old time legends too! "

John K 5/9/2024 7:34:56 PM

"Warren is best when he is collaborating with other fantastic musicians. This show is a perfect example of how he lets those musicians shine. He backs them up and lets them do their thing, while still rocking ! "

Victor B 5/3/2024 6:23:01 PM

"Insane show, one of the best!"

Hell yeah 5/3/2024 2:20:56 PM

"4th mule show in a year and it’s the best yet. Crowd was rocking and ripping. What an amazing festival and venue - chameleon is sick "


Setlist at Daze Between at Faubourg Brewing Co., New Orleans, LA on May 1, 2024

Set One

Mule 626


Banks Of The Deep End 399


Revolution Come, Revolution Go 596


John The Revelator 568


Chameleon 730


Same As It Ever Was 456


Time To Confess 610


Set Two

Soulshine 710


Wild Horses 402


Gold Dust Woman 454


Blue Sky 829


Dreaming Out Loud 454


Devil Likes It Slow 812


Spanish Moon 851


Sco-Mule 444


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