Gov't Mule

Island Exodus 13

Runaway Bay, JM

Jan 16, 2023

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About Formats
Show Notes


Island Exodus 13

Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Set 1 Walk On The Wild Side / Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad / Franklin’s Tower (MA, DL, JC, JV*, JG, JS) I’ve Got A Feeling (MA, DL, JC, JV*, JG*, JS) Beautifully Broken (MA, DL, JC, JG*) No Woman, No Cry -> Bend Down Low (MA, DL, JC, JV*, JG*, MT, MC) Maggie’s Farm (MA, DL, JV*, AO*, AF, RK, JS) Down By The River (MA, JV,* AO*, AF, RK, RB, JoGi, JS, MT, MC, DL - background vox) Sco-Mule (MA, JC, JV, Sco, DL, JS, RH) Black Widow Spider (MA, JS-perc, DL, Sco, RR, JV, JC, RH)

Set 2 Cause We Ended As Lovers (MA, JC, JV, Sco, DL) > Freeway Jam (MA, JC, JV, Sco, DL) Many Rivers To Cross (MA, JV*, JG, DL. RK, JS ) Deal (MA, JV, JG*, AF, RK, RB, JS) Vampire Blues (MA, JV, Audley*, RK, DL, JG - keys) Revolution Come, Revolution Go> Revolution (The Beatles) (MA, JC, JV, JG*. DL)

Encore: Going Down (MA, RR, JC, JV*, AF, DL)

MA: Matt Abts - Drums

DL: Danny Louis - Keys

JC- Jorgen Carlsson - Bass

JV - Jimmy Vivino - Guitar

JG: Jackie Greene - Guitar

JS: Jeff Sipe - Drums

MT: Machan Taylor - Background Vocals

MC: Mini Carlsson - Background Vocals

AO: Anders Osborne - Guitar

RK: Robert Kearns - Bass

RH: Ron Holloway - Sax

RB: Rob Barraco - Keys

JoGi: John Ginty - Keys

Sco: John Scofield - Guitar

RR: Robert Randolph - Pedal Steel Guitar

* = vocals


JD 8/26/2023 8:57:21 AM

"Warren had come down sick and couldn’t play this show. Everyone did him proud in this set start to finish. Too many great moments to list but the cover of I’ve Got A Feeling is a total ripper!!"

Mike 2/2/2023 1:21:32 AM

"Sco = on fire. Great show! "


Setlist at Island Exodus 13, Runaway Bay, JM on Jan 16, 2023

Set One

Walk On The Wild Side / Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad / Franklin's Tower / Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad / Walk On The Wild Side 753


I've Got A Feeling 280


Beautifully Broken 552


No Woman No Cry / Bend Down Low 676


Maggie's Farm 715


Down By The River 651


Sco- Mule 866


Black Widow Spider 1016


Set Two

Cause We've Ended As Lovers 555


Freeway Jam 1064


Many Rivers To Cross 492


Deal 467


Vampire Blues 520


Revolution Come, Revolution Go / Revolution 627



Going Down 539


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