Gov't Mule

Island Exodus 13

Runaway Bay, JM

Jan 18, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Set 1 Mule Jam (Matt, Danny & Jorgen only) > Afro Blue (MA, DL, JC, JV, Sco, RH) Gonna Have A Funky Good Time (Doin It To Death) (MA, DL, JC, RR, JV, JG, RH, Sco, MT, MC) Ohio (MA, RR, RK, JV, JG, AF, AO, DL) > Fiyo On The Bayou That’s What Love Will Make You Do (MA, DL, JC, JV, DD, JG) Worried Down With The Blues (MA, DL, RK, JV, JG, AF, RH) Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (MA. DL - bkrnd vocals then guitar, RK, JG, JV- keys, MT, MC)) The Letter (MA,DL, JC, JV, JG, RH, MT, MC)

Set 2 Stratus (MA, DL, JC, JV, Sco) Genetic Method (DL) > Chest Fever (MA, DL, JV, AO, RK, JG) Dear Mr. Fantasy (MA, JC, RR, JG, JV, RH, RB, NA) West LA Fadeaway (MA, RR, RK, JG, DS, AF, RB) Shape I’m In (MA, DL, JV, JG, AO, WM, NM)

E: Wish You Were Here (MA, DL, JC, BO, JG, JS, DB) With A Little Help From My Friends (MA, DL, JC, JG, JV, RK, NM)

MA: Matt Abts - Drums DL: Danny Louis - Keys, Guitar, Background Vocals (and a couple min of drums) JC- Jorgen Carlsson - Bass JV - Jimmy Vivino - Guitar, Vocals JG: Jackie Greene - Guitar, Harmonica, Keys, Vocals AO: Anders Osborne - Guitar, Vocals Sco: John Scofield - Guitar RR: Robert Randolph - Pedal Steel Guitar MT: Machan Taylor - Background Vocals MC: Mini Carlsson - Background Vocals RK: Robert Kearns - Bass, Background Vocals RH: Ron Holloway - Sax RB: Rob Barraco - Keys JoGi: John Ginty - Keys DS: Darren Stanley - Drums BO: Berry Oakley JR - Bass, Vocals NA: Nathan Aronowitz - Keys NM: Noah Miller - Drums WM: Will McGee - Bass DB: Duane Betts - Guitar JS: Johnny Stachela - Guitar


Doug D 1/25/2023 11:02:22 AM

"When I first heard about Warren I was worried this would be a bit disappointing. These guys put on an amazing show! The audience definitely had a treat "


Setlist at Island Exodus 13, Runaway Bay, JM on Jan 18, 2023

Set One

Kind Of Liz Jam 440


Afro Blue 959


Doing It To Death 920


Ohio / Fiyo On The Bayou 1025


That's What Love Will Make You Do 660


Worried Down With The Blues 580


Knockin' On Heaven's Door 661


The Letter 375


Set Two

Stratus 919


Genetic Method / Chest Fever 595


Dear Mr. Fantasy 737


West L.A. Fadeaway 650


Shape I'm In 556



Wish You Were Here 651


With A Little Help From My Friends 502


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