Gov't Mule

Summer Camp

Chillicothe, IL

May 27, 2017

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About Formats
Show Notes

Gov't Mule 

05.27.2017 SummerCamp, Chillicothe, IL

1 Set:
Traveling Tune with Jim Loughlin 
Dreams with Vinnie Amico, Chuck Garvey & Jim Loughlin 
Thorazine Shuffle 
Revolution Come, Revolution Go
And Your Bird Can Sing
Scenes From A Troubled Mind 
Time To Confess 
Mule with Andy Farag
Whipping Post with Kris Myers, Al Schnier & Andy Farag; with Les Brers In A Minor tease 


Setlist at Summer Camp, Chillicothe, IL on May 27, 2017

Set One

Traveling Tune 422


Dreams 782


Thorazine Shuffle 706


Revolution Come, Revolution Go 510


And Your Bird Can Sing 363


Scenes From A Troubled Mind 435


Time To Confess 635


Mule 615


Whipping Post 814


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