Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

Manchester, TN

Jun 18, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Kashmir with Slipknot, Moby Dick and Heartbreaker teases. 

Water with Peter Anspach from Goose on keys.


Goose Call 6/29/2022 7:11:08 AM

"That goose call that Greg do to call Peter is just perfect and put this show in my top 3 xD"

Reid 6/26/2022 8:34:17 PM

"Absolute banger show. Greg said it best “we radiate the fuck out some positivity!” I love PPPP and at this show I even caught the drumstick and got it signed by 3 of the pigeons themselves (I’m coming for you Ben). Such great guys, such great music! Would recommend to a friend. 12/10"

Allese 6/24/2022 5:35:18 PM

"I had a blast at this show. Seen them everywhere. By far the best and most fun show. I danced my ass off. Y’all stay safe. Peace. "

Bird Brain 6/23/2022 7:44:43 AM

"Hot take - People complaining about the silly antics like cooing are the same people who live for the vacuum solos, trampoline jumps and vocal jams that Phish does. "

Scabbyjay 6/23/2022 7:00:55 AM

"Love me some PPPP…glad to see some love in the reviews from the few that were there to witness! This set has PPPP classics new and old. Greg summoning Pete from Goose is hilarious. The pigeon coo’ing is part of the schtick…you’re either a part of the flock or your not. Classic Pigeon’s set here… Pop Off, Melting…Water (with Pete), ….fantastic…."


Setlist at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, TN on Jun 18, 2022

Set One

Banter 42


Pop Off 626


Melting Lights 454


Offshoot 412


Kashmir 349


Offshoot 410


Sir Real 642


Water 673


Horizon 949


Bad For You 671


Poseidon 526


One More Time 266


Poseidon 392


Avalanche 576


Auld Lang Syne 174


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