Seattle, WA

Oct 20, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Feel Like a Stranger, Electric Taco Stand > Dis Go in 5 > Electric Taco Stand, Dream Jam > Left on the Runway,  Weasel > Palisades > Weasel, Lonely Mad World

Encore:   Night After Night

Feel Like a Stranger - Grateful Dead Cover

Mad World - Tears for Fears Cover

FoH Matrix by Dhvanit "DP" Patel


JustinL 10/24/2022 7:20:22 AM

"Caught Seattle and both Portland. The boys are in a GREAT space right now, it shows all over the music. Seattle straight dance party in an intimate room for 2 hours. Dream Jam. This is the band we love. Surging… crushing every night… the intersection of patience and confidence, that’s where they are right now. Catch it while it’s there, it doesn’t get any fucking better. See you in Denver, Tampa, FLL."

JF 10/22/2022 7:58:42 PM

"One of my favorite shows I've been to by these guys out of 25+. Electro funk jam coming out of Dream Jam is a slice of what these guys do best. And a Mad World cover to top it off. Perfect sound, perfect setlist, just incredible."

Brian 10/22/2022 8:45:43 AM

"This mix is what Spafford deserves. A lot of the shows uploaded in the past year have been thin and missing so much, but this is the way it should sound! Great band with a great sound again. So excited!"

Aging Rapidly 10/21/2022 5:43:59 PM

"That envelope filter tone on Stranger is sick"

Nate 10/21/2022 5:06:21 PM

"My first live Spafford show and it easily exceeded my expectations. This show had everything I wanted from them. They sounded great and jammed very hard. There wasn't a low moment of the whole show. And the energy of the crowd was amazing. "


Setlist at Neumos, Seattle, WA on Oct 20, 2022

Set One

Banter 91


Feel Like a Stranger 573


Electric Taco Stand 781


Dis Go In 5 393


Electric Taco Stand 341


Dream Jam 1471


Left on the Runway 257


Weasel 585


Palisades 315


Weasel 580


Lonely 897


Mad World 571


Banter 142



Night After Night 650


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