The Disco Biscuits

The Brooklyn Mirage

Brooklyn , NY

Sep 26, 2021

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
Rapture with Shira Elias on vocals. 

Jp 11/2/2021 8:13:59 AM

"Fort Lauderdale was hot garbage but would really appreciate a listen to confirm what I thought when I was there. "

Disco Dale 10/29/2021 9:07:22 PM

"Exactly, get the cat out of the dishwasher! Barber definitely played with his guitar during covid! Was in Tennessee in April and was treated to something I haven't had in a while.......dedicated guitar jams. Was a great birthday present. Fuck I'm camping and a racoon just jumped out of the tree on me gotta go fuck there's multiple "

Chilled out 10/29/2021 2:19:49 PM

"Didn’t meant to be aggro in the last comment; not very B4L. Hard to not be frustrated with the lack of consistency. Sorry."

Best band, worst sound team *ever* 10/29/2021 1:22:39 PM

"Where the fuck are half of the shows from this year?! 1/3 of RRX, no FL, no Mishawaka….. It’s inexcusable. So hard to resist going up to the sound booth at each show and telling whoever is responsible to go fuck themselves with splintered balsa-wood."

Morgan 10/21/2021 8:38:48 AM

"Yeah, the people complaining about the sound of these boards did not grow up trading Dead or phish tapes. They’re not the best, but they have a certain sound to them it adds character and flavor. But yea these sound fine to my old ears, just PLEASE GIVE US MORE SHOWS! "


Setlist at The Brooklyn Mirage, Brooklyn , NY on Sep 26, 2021

Set One

Helicopters 1683


Running into the Night 565


Rapture 940


42 1069


Set Two

Pilin' It Higher 1029


I-man 927


M1 805


I-man 499


Evolve 1426


Helicopters 120


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