The Infamous Stringdusters

The Tabernacle

Atlanta, GA

Feb 25, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

01 Fork in the Road

02 Pearl of Carolina

03 Truth And Love >

04 Truth And Love Disco Jam

05 Walking On The Moon

06 Toy Heart

07 Hard Line

08 No More To Leave You Behind

09 Steam Powered Aeroplane >

10 2001 >

11 Peace of Mind


D C 2/28/2022 9:56:22 AM

"T&L-Disco?! 12:42 NMTLYB?! Absolutely fantastic show start to finish. New songs worked in well with plenty of staple favorites. Front row was quite the dance party!"

Ramblin 2/27/2022 11:18:29 AM

"I have to agree with Jbro. Fire! Please add it. "

Jbro 2/26/2022 12:56:05 PM

"Please add the 2/24 B'ham show! It was fire!"

Michael 2/26/2022 8:50:36 AM

"They did a verse of Dead’, They Love Each Other’ during Piece of Mind. "

F@C.K. 2/26/2022 4:56:49 AM

"No 2/18/22 Detroit show only one missing was my first and only Stringdusters show would love to listen to it but you a$sholes won’t post it"


Setlist at The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA on Feb 25, 2022

Set One

Fork In The Road 267


Pearl of Carolina 334


Truth And Love 207


Truth And Love Disco Jam 298


Walking On The Moon 301


Toy Heart 266


Hard Line 209


No More To Leave You Behind 762


Steam Powered Aeroplane 219


2001 296


Peace Of Mind 452


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