Widespread Panic

Agganis Arena

Boston, MA

Sep 22, 2006

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Entire show with John Keane on guitars except Chilly Water>Jack>Chilly Water, Rock, and Greta
  • Reviews

    brrr-knee downz 10/3/2006 8:00:06 AM

    "Jimmy H was definetly smiling during this one. This is THE show that puts JH in the drivers seat, Keane just got in the way. Fiery first set and killer chilly>jack>chilly (w/o Keane!!)"

    Brian Keller 9/29/2006 1:57:07 PM

    "The Boston show 9/22/06 was hoff the hook!! It was my birthday show and I couldn`t have asked for a better present. First time seeing Jimmy with the band and flew from Colorado to see it---worth every dime. I`m hooked again after that. Went on to Wallingford the next night but I have to say Boston is one of the better shows I have seen in a long time."

    TY 9/26/2006 12:49:52 PM

    "Well another AMAZING WSP show! Myself (and many others that I spoke to there) thought they were clicking on all cylinders. Yes, I do like JB, Jimmy & John together ... they really seemed to feed off of each other. Extreme intensity, even though the crowd was not as big as I would have imagined. Go see & enjoy yourself (that is going to you Welling)! Panic on>"

    Welcome to the other 95% 9/26/2006 12:09:46 PM

    "Caveat that this was my first show post Houser and first show with Herring. I was floored by the amount of energy and extremely pleased by an old time setlist packed with some of my personal favorites. I can`t offer comparisons to other recent shows but will say that with the bands help, I achieved complete head removal in the first set and again in the second. I lived through the all the gdead bs when go to heaven and then touch of grey came out (disco dead; touch of greyhounds). Take this new set up for what it is: a ripping rock combo that Ill soon see again. potc"


    Setlist at Agganis Arena, Boston, MA on Sep 22, 2006

    Set One

    Tall Boy 487


    • $0.99
    Papa Johnny Road 420


    • $0.99
    Space Wrangler 562


    • $0.99
    Time Zones 317


    • $0.99
    Surprise Valley 597


    • $0.99
    Chest Fever 412


    • $0.99
    This Part of Town 315


    • $0.99
    From the Cradle 243


    • $0.99
    Pigeons 556


    • $0.99

    Set Two

    Chilly Water 575


    • $0.99
    Jack 425


    • $0.99
    Chilly Water 320


    • $0.99
    Rebirtha 938


    • $1.29
    Pilgrims 537


    • $0.99
    Rock 531


    • $0.99
    You Should Be Glad 671


    • $0.99
    Greta 872


    • $1.29
    Fishwater 836


    • $1.29


    Expiration Day 314


    • $0.99
    Walkin' (For Your Love) 301


    • $0.99

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