Widespread Panic

Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek

Raleigh, NC

Apr 21, 2006

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • The soundboard feed dropped out for 8 minutes beginning in Tie Your Shoes (audience miics spliced in)

  • Proving Ground, Chilly Water, Porch Song, Time Waits, Don't Wanna Lose You, Stop Breakin' Down Blues, Travelin' Light, Solid Rock and Climb To Safety with John Keane on guitar.

  • C. Brown, This Part of Town and Nobody's Loss with John Keane on pedal steel.
  • Reviews

    Mike 6/19/2006 4:54:36 PM

    "Awesome show, Stop breakin down was a nice one. What does George say after he says, " Dialed 911 long time ago." I lost him when he started it. Thanks again Panic "

    Kasey Jones 6/18/2006 12:21:12 PM

    "This was my second Panic show and I was blown away once more. The set list was great and the music quality was amazing. Despite the soundboard failure, you guys still made it the best show you could. Thanks so much for a great time. Looking forward to many more Panic shows in my future."

    Gamecock Andy 5/9/2006 9:49:39 AM

    "Where are the cd labels and inserts? Big Panic fan but was disapointed in the sound quality of 4/21 Raleigh show. It sounded like JoJO was trying to play over the band. Could not hear JB on some songs.Looking forward to Atlanta. "

    j dub 5/7/2006 1:37:39 PM

    "this show was amazing, the first set was sick. Second set and encore were just as nice. liked the jamming in the first. great show"

    jam72 5/4/2006 10:39:51 AM

    "Man this is a solid effort to open up the year. Chainsaw and Skin sound unbelievable (as does the rest of the show...good job with the soundboard dropout fix). George is getting better and better as time goes on and I truly do appreciate the fact that he has helped my favorite band of all time continue on. It is always nice to see Keane in there with them...he knows so much about the music. I am with Patfield on the classic shows. Bring out the old boards with Mikey at the helm, stagger `em so we always have something to look forward to and LiveWSP will enter a whole new realm."


    Setlist at Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC on Apr 21, 2006

    Set One

    Proving Ground 304


    Chilly Water 729


    Proving Ground 174


    C. Brown 414


    Porch Song 466


    Driving Song 231


    Tie Your Shoes 620


    Driving Song 191


    Time Waits 375


    Ain't Life Grand 294


    Don't Wanna Lose You 405


    Chainsaw City 688


    Set Two

    Second Skin 875


    Low Rider 601


    Junior 392


    Love Tractor 389


    Tortured Artist 697


    Drums 281


    Raleigh Jam 281


    Stop Breakin' Down 459


    Travelin' Light 355


    This Part of Town 351


    Solid Rock 385



    Nobody's Loss 333


    Climb To Safety 410


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