Widespread Panic

Bank Of America Pavilion

Boston, MA

Jul 18, 2007

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About Formats
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BigFan 10/17/2007 3:55:30 PM

"This show was awesome!"

10/17/2007 3:52:48 PM


sam l 7/24/2007 11:24:01 AM

"great show. been to a lot of panic shows and defintely am thankful for mr. herring. he breathes new life into the band and defintely breathed some new life into all the boston panic fans that were starting to lose interest from the last few shows performed in the beantown area. i enjoyed both sets, second set had some great energy and kept the crowd in tune till the end. sadly for me, i became a little too intuned with my brain and found myself hiding in the bathroom for the encore. Damn."

Marc Rottman 7/23/2007 10:02:55 AM

"Damn! I caught Jimmy`s first show at Radio City and a few months later in Albany. Man, what a difference a couple of months make. The band was tight and together and the interplay between JB`s raw, heavy guitar and Jimmy`s inspired and transcendent lead is awesome. One of the meanest sounding Goin out West`s for an encore, not to mention a scintillating Stop-Go, a thunderous All Time Low, and a funked out Thin Air. Awesome show in Beantown."

brothernate 7/23/2007 8:56:54 AM

"First show I have seen with Jimmy. Man what a change. I could talk for hours about how great this show was but all you would have to do is listen to the encore. JB`s guitar sounded like he was playing it with a chainsaw, so raw. Jojo and Dave did a fantastic job leading many of the changes through out the show. My neighbors are going to hate me when I start playing the second set at full volume. "


Setlist at Bank Of America Pavilion, Boston, MA on Jul 18, 2007

Set One

Chainsaw City 627


Little Lilly 465


Walkin' (For Your Love) 335


Down 366


Tickle The Truth 357


Can't Get High 198


Bear's Gone Fishin' 445


Hatfield 921


Blackout Blues 466


Set Two

B of D 246


One Arm Steve 808


Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) 558


Love Tractor 357


Pickin' Up The Pieces 487


Stop-Go 824


All Time Low 276


Junior 392



Me And The Devil Blues 380


Porch Song 189


Goin' Out West 374


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