Widespread Panic

Bank Of America Pavilion

Boston, MA

Jul 24, 2010

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noteeater 8/3/2010 8:16:54 PM

"I saw a couple of shows from the east coast run and this was my favorite. The band was animated and really into it. The energy from the crowd was evident right from the start, and the band really delivered. The Surprise Valley>Hatfield>Blackout>Porch>North was classic WSP. The second set was even better. Strong versions of Lil Kin and Travelin Light to start and then a Greta> Driving>DISCO>Driving>Action Man that had the pavillion just rocking! A nice Papa's home sandwich and two song encore including a hot Lawyers Guns and Money and everyone went home happy. An amazing show from start to end! "

LongTimeAddict 7/26/2010 8:58:29 AM

"I saw some great shows this summer in the Red Rocks run, Boise, Driggs, Radio City, Ives Music Park, and finished it with Boston. Each region of shows was with old friends, making them great moments in time, planting perfect memories for me. I took a friend to his first show at Radio City, and after the show all he could say was, "You're all possessed, but I see why you go see them. I have new faith in rock n roll." It's fun to look around after all these years and see some of the same old folks with less glossy eyes and more natural energy. There's definitely something amazing going on once again with the Panic, their onstage presence, and the fans enjoying the entire flow of a show. This show peaked throughout with some natural music energy that I haven't felt in years. All hats off to what's going down. It was one of those shows where I had to sit down after, take it all in, and then have a few random bursts of excitement knowing what just happened. The best drug for the soul, GREAT PANIC!"

jkger 7/26/2010 6:11:58 AM

"Ahhh...agree with the previous post about Boston not being a strong showing, but being a midwest transplant in New England, I've attended all WSP shows at the Pavilion since 2001. Although the crowds can be lackluster, this show proved otherwise. Great section of fans stage left up front - and when they played Lawyers I thought the white covering for the "roof" was going to blow of its hinges. Perhaps the energy for the crowd in Boston flowed in from the intimate show the night previous in CT - not to blow a secret - but the Ives Park venue is a tribute to live music - green space, no security, stage in front of the water, and lots of parking. Thanks for the Northeast run of NY, CT, and MA. See you next fall. "

happy wsp fan in boston 7/25/2010 4:08:14 PM

"I was front row center for this show. I've seen Panic probably 30 times, dating as far back as "92. Easily one of my favorite shows!!! Outstanding setlist, great energy and vibe onstage. Historically, Boston hasn't been one of Panics strongest venues but they "brought it" last night. Download this show! I don't think you will be disappointed! I hope the boys keep playing and touring because they have gotten stronger and better over the past 4 years with Jimmy. They certainly seem rejuvenated by him since the down years with George. I even left with a gift, Dave"s bass pick! It has an unmistakable silhouette of him on it...pretty cool! Please keep the tunes coming boys!!! and thanks again from Boston!!! Jason"

Bachelor... 7/25/2010 3:11:15 PM

"The show was fantastic from start to finish. I think it's great when they add other artists songs such as "Mr Soul" and "Lawers, Guns and Money" to give us a different perspective on some classic songs. The first time I was exposed to WSP was in 2006 and they appear to have come light years. I hope they keep playing this venue. The energy was incredible!"


Setlist at Bank Of America Pavilion, Boston, MA on Jul 24, 2010

Set One

Pigeons 549


Who Do You Belong To? 320


Mr. Soul 365


Clinic Cynic 282


Bear's Gone Fishin' 607


Drums 184


Surprise Valley 728


Hatfield 620


Blackout Blues 454


Porch Song 203


North 399


Set Two

Little Kin 328


Travelin' Light 378


Greta 535


Driving Song 265


Disco 321


Driving Song 166


Action Man 291


Walkin' (For Your Love) 296


Papa's Home 801


Cotton Was King 393


Papa's Home 90


Ain't Life Grand 329



Jack 468


Lawyers, Guns And Money 228


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