Widespread Panic

BJCC Arena

Birmingham, AL

Nov 10, 2007

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • C. Brown, Time Zones, Chest Fever, and You Should Be Glad with guest John Keane on guitars
  • Reviews

    Conrad 11/26/2007 3:59:54 PM

    "In typical Panic fashion, the boys shook the BJCC arena with an incredible show. The set list was amazing, and the energy in the venue was absolutely electric. The band came out strong and their momentum never seemed to diminish even the slightest bit. Some people were so excited by the band`s powerful performance that they continued to dance throughout the set break. One particular thing I noticed over the course of this tour is how well JoJo has been playing, and this show was no exception; he definitely has as much stage presence and importance as Jimmy or JB or anyone else. This Fall `07 tour closer is definitely worth your $10."

    Auburn Mafia 11/17/2007 7:36:50 PM

    " I have not seen the boys in a while and this show could not have been any better. Thanks so much for giving your heart and soul to us. "

    boogiedmyassoff 11/14/2007 9:15:42 PM

    "Just wanted to say the Boys definately did not disappoint. I am from Birmingham and have been seeing these guys since `89. What I like about them is they haven`t lost the magic. At anytime in the show, they can sneak up on you and bite you in the freaking nuts. In a good way. But just wanted to say always love the PANIC. Keep bringing the HEAT. See you guys next year. (Let`s get back to the 3 night Knock Out Festival you guys used to play)"

    Michael 11/11/2007 2:31:57 AM

    "this show was absolutely incredible!! that is the only way that this show can be described. it was a great way for the guys to end a great tour. cant wait till spring to roll around! keep up the amazing shows! oh, and JoJo, the didgeridoo was awesome!!"


    Setlist at BJCC Arena, Birmingham, AL on Nov 10, 2007

    Set One

    Postcard 303


    Coconut 454


    Goodpeople 436


    Tickle The Truth 371


    Fixin' To Die 531


    C. Brown 381


    Time Zones 386


    Chest Fever 477


    Tall Boy 278


    Set Two

    Disco 590


    You Should Be Glad 901


    Bowlegged Woman 616


    Impossible 907


    Jack 449


    Chilly Water 298


    Drums 281


    Birmingham Jam 340


    Maggot Brain 401


    Chilly Water 350



    City Of Dreams 465


    Last Dance 743


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