Widespread Panic

Bok Center

Tulsa, OK

May 1, 2010

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • The first set from this show is not available due to technical issues at the venue therefore this show is being offered at a discounted price.  If you preordered this show, you will receive a download code good for another show.

L2 5/13/2010 8:59:49 AM

"No first set?!? Oh man that was the best part of the show. Rock and Roll boys. It was a treat to be there."

ugybear 5/11/2010 4:04:16 PM

"man that sucks about the first set... blew the roof off the bok that night and that glory opener is what set it off"

Austin Terry 5/6/2010 7:11:24 PM

"Thanks for the 2nd set, is there any part of the 1st set that is good? would love to have any of it. If any of it is good can you put it on the next driving songs? The show was kick a## TULSA LOVES THE PANIC!!!!!!"

Neverenoughwsp 5/6/2010 5:42:14 PM

"Thanks man. That's really nice of you. I was fortunate enough to cach dead tour and do it hard from 89 -95. I learned alot about being kind and loving your neighbor. I the hit panic tour from 99-2010. Seen them over 50 times and their lyrics take me away. Problem is that there are so many kids who didn't experience The beauty of the enviroment that was the aura around the dead. The Wsp scene embraces that aura in the early days cuz there were so many of us heads attending.meatheads like you are now infecting the scene and spreading negativity. Be kind, enjoy life, and spread positivity. "

Dank 5/6/2010 11:42:54 AM

"Uhhh dude read the notes: SOUND ISSUES WITH THE MASTER TAPES... Stupidity amazes me and make my day go much faster; thanks!"


Setlist at Bok Center, Tulsa, OK on May 1, 2010

Set Two

Chilly Water 675


Time Zones 425


1 x 1 390


Flicker 491


Surprise Valley 378


Drums 574


Papa Legba 410


Surprise Valley 377


Let's Get The Show On The Road 438


Conrad the Caterpillar 586



Impossible 386


Makes Sense To Me 266


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