Widespread Panic

Charter One Pavilion

Chicago, IL

Sep 2, 2009

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Mercy and Rock with Derek Trucks on guitar.
  • Me and the Devil Blues and Last Dance with Warren Haynes on guitar.

Peggyo 9/26/2009 3:59:21 PM

"Milles - you're just warming up to wsp...sorry pal, haynes and trucks are very talented...and yes their styles are different to that of herring...but what they create off their guitars is more mainstreamish...nothing to write home about...herring has another quality to his playing...he has some of what Anastasio has, I higher power...improvizational wisdom...it's not just about banging away notes...it's about the beautiful spacing in between along with the notes, the trust, the energy... what about the man himself, who does it all with his voice...amazing soul and energy...pure, like Garcia....the man, Mr. John Bell : ) let your life proceed by its own design"

milles 9/21/2009 5:32:59 PM

"rebuttal to some reviews. how can you wsp fans keep comparing with abb like it's a contest? example: wsp blew the bros. off the stage, warren and derek can take a hike? do you think THEY are competing with each other? i know jimmy is the man but so are derek and warren. i am just warming up to wsp so i don't know everything yet except that they can make some INCREDIBLE music. i love schools, bell, and herring. BUT the abb are coming from a different direction. they are steeped in the blues which wsp is not. warren and derek can rip a hole in the sky just as good as jimmy.and i have been looking forward to the 2 bands playing together so i can hear jimmy with the bros. and warren and derek play with wsp. this is a good thing. you get to hear the players in a different context.quit bashing. it is not possible for either of these bands to have a bad show. the road goes on forever..."

Roow 9/8/2009 7:03:49 AM

"This was an amazing show. Very tight. This is a must have for any fan. Derek Trucks was a wonderful addition to Mercy and Rock. Great, great show. I have listened to it several times, and it keeps getting better."

Dave in AZ 9/3/2009 6:10:09 AM

"Fantastic Set. The best of the tour so far. It was awesome to see them play the entirety of the WP album (AKA "Mom's Kitchen"). My only criticism: They should have played "Me and the Devil" and "Last Dance" with Warren as an encore. They have not played an encore when opening this tour. "


Setlist at Charter One Pavilion, Chicago, IL on Sep 2, 2009

Set One

Send Your Mind 250


Walkin' (For Your Love) 580


Makes Sense To Me 290


Pigeons 585


Mercy 785


Rock 645


C. Brown 354


Love Tractor 398


Weight Of The World 337


I'm Not Alone 382


Barstools and Dreamers 686


Proving Ground 438


Last Straw 445


Me And The Devil Blues 549


Last Dance 606


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