Widespread Panic

Comcast Center (Great Woods)

Mansfield, MA

Aug 29, 2009

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Ain't No Use and Blight with Derek Trucks on guitar.
  • Smokestack Lightning and Chilly Water with Warren Haynes on guitar and vocals.

Richard Heck 11/16/2009 3:08:12 PM

"Saying Haynes and Trucks should take a hike is indeed silly, but let me make a couple remarks about this show. First, the Allmans sounded old and bored. With Dickey gone, perhaps for good reason, they do a very limited catalog (i.e., little or none of his songs), so you basically end up with the "big hits", and they didn't do very much with them. Haynes seemed to have very few ideas and basically played the same thing over and over. So, though I have long been a huge Allmans fan, and it was my first Allmans show, and I was really disappointed, though in some ways not unexpectedly. The only things that weren't disappointments where (a) Derek Trucks, who is always amazing, and (b) "Mountain Jam", when Herring came out, and he and Trucks stole the show. So, maybe it's just Haynes who should take a hike. ;-)"

Peggyo 9/26/2009 4:15:40 PM

"exactly Miles, they are more geared towards the Blues...while Herring has something more to give...more along the lines of Anastasio and Garcia...just another level up the ladder : )"

Robert 9/23/2009 9:55:29 AM

"My first Panic show, I stood very pleasantly surprised to hear the Panic sounding not so much like the albums I have, but really what I want to hear when I go out to see music. Gentlemen Herring and Trucks throwing haymaking monster licks at us on Ain't no use...some of the hardest improvisational jamming there is to have out there. Making it work with a big group and a big venue, and then of course, meeting Megan behind the soundboard! I haven't taken the download out of the player yet! "

miles 9/21/2009 5:44:57 PM

"rebuttal to some reviews. how can you wsp fans keep comparing with abb like it's a contest? example: wsp blew the bros. off the stage, warren and derek can take a hike? do you think THEY are competing with each other? i know jimmy is the man but so are derek and warren. i am just warming up to wsp so i don't know everything yet except that they can make some INCREDIBLE music. i love schools, bell, and herring. BUT the abb are coming from a different direction. they are steeped in the blues which wsp is not. warren and derek can rip a hole in the sky just as good as jimmy.and i have been looking forward to the 2 bands playing together so i can hear jimmy with the bros. and warren and derek play with wsp. this is a good thing. you get to hear the players in a different context.quit bashing. it is not possible for either of these bands to have a bad show. mr. high & mighty"

Peggyo 9/8/2009 7:18:50 AM

"thanks for the C.Brown Opener!!! john bell and jimmy herring...haynes and trucks can go take a hike lol herring is the wizard...he's got that improvizational power that garcia and anastasio have : ) what a treat...and john bell...wow...amazing soul..amazing energy...everyone on stage and us fans feed off that...it's a beautiful thing.. "


Setlist at Comcast Center (Great Woods), Mansfield, MA on Aug 29, 2009

Set One

C. Brown 361


Space Wrangler 501


Porch Song 593


Stop Breakin' Down 382


Time Zones 468


Conrad the Caterpillar 560


Thought Sausage 383


It Ain't No Use 934


Blight 682


Smokestack Lightning 901


Chilly Water 805


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