Widespread Panic

Forecastle Festival

Louisville, KY

Jul 12, 2009

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About Formats
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mshalfstep 8/5/2009 9:11:22 PM

"Ive listened to all the 'Festival Sets' and I have to say, IMHO, that this one takes the proverbial cake !!!! JoJo's birthday show (7/18) @ The Mile High Festival is a close second, but something about playing to a modest-sized festival audience of 8-10,000 (so Ive heard) had the boys steam-rolllin'!! A personal fav 'WDYBT?' opened into a kick-ass 'Fishwater', but do yerself a BIG favor and listen REAL-GOOD to the definite HIGH-light which was a shredding 'Fixin' To Die'that moved into an incendiary 'Jam' then into the damn finest 'Ride Me High' I have heard in recent memory (Orange Beach-2009 incl.) The 'Drivin' > Tie Yo Shoes (DAS es en f'ckin' fuego!!!!) > Radar Jam > Blight > Drivin' was just as HOT as it reads !!! Give'er a good listenen' ya'll ! "

Ahti 7/26/2009 8:39:24 PM

"MF, Too many repeats to recommend buying all 4 shows in L'ville & Denver. Louisville felt fresher and more alive to me, hard to explain, Denver just seemed like they were going through the motions, nothing new for one of their strongest fanbases, disappointing. Hopefully the Allman's will press the boys to step it up and properly explore their full repertoire before repeating tunes, only Chilly & Fishwater should be exceptions to the 3 show no repeat rule, these guys are way too good and playing way too well to ever have to play fillers. Really think Mikey would be cool with that, seriously?? And what is up with guitar tech issues? more shows than not recently they've had some major issue that AFFECTS THE QUALITY OF THE SHOW maybe it's time to get goatee guy a lesson from Sam Holt or a new job. Way too much cash exchanges hands for the BS that's been goin' on, I don't care who he's friends with. My not so humble opinion, Ahti "

Phuck Phish 7/22/2009 1:13:28 PM

"I would deff get both nights and mile high too there killin it"

Phuck Phish 7/22/2009 1:13:27 PM

"I would deff get both nights and mile high too there killin it"

Ryan 7/20/2009 8:56:30 AM

"It is titled "St. Louis Jam" because I guess that's what they boys are calling it. In the spreadhead universe, its called "Under the Radar Jam." The last few Under the Radar Jam's have been titled St. Louis Jam (see OB 4/19/09). It was also played at HOB in the Spring, before Low Spark out of Tall Boy."


Setlist at Forecastle Festival, Louisville, KY on Jul 12, 2009

Set One

Who Do You Belong To 340


  • $0.99
Fishwater 702


  • $0.99
Visiting Day 395


  • $0.99
Time Zones 378


  • $0.99
Fixin' To Die 1003


  • $1.29
Ride Me High 635


  • $0.99
Blue Indian 356


  • $0.99
Up All Night 369


  • $0.99
Driving Song 249


  • $0.99
Tie Your Shoes 549


  • $0.99
Drums 343


  • $0.99
St. Louis Jam 433


  • $0.99
Blight 609


  • $0.99
Driving Song 153


  • $0.99
North 498


  • $0.99
Blackout Blues 501


  • $0.99
Slippin' Into Darkness 607


  • $0.99
Porch Song 334


  • $0.99


Expiration Day 272


  • $0.99
Stop Breakin' Down 449


  • $0.99
Space Wrangler 558


  • $0.99
Give 345


  • $0.99

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