Widespread Panic

Fox Theater

Oakland, CA

Nov 12, 2009

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About Formats
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Show Notes


  • Slippin' Into Darkness with Steve Lopez on percussion.

Question 11/27/2009 8:47:47 PM

"Is anyone else's copy have lots of static? My computer is having a hard time loading the discs and I wonder if that's what's causing the static in my copies?"

JustAnotherLongTimeAddict 11/27/2009 7:27:19 PM

" The venue was unbelievable, two huge buddhas off to the right and left sides, lit in red. On the side at the top, ornate Persian rugs lit in these "boxes" for lack of a better description. The whole place was tops. The ceiling was unreal with a SICK chandelier! Balcony had black leather seats, redone, with tons of space (not modern seats where you're shoulder to shoulder tight. About as immaculate as they can come. While the recent years have had lots of development among the musicians again, I felt like there was a relaxation played with this music that's really amazing. The whole run just seemed to be extremely smooth, and when I listen to the SBD copies, they're just the same. Smooth. I'd listened to the AUD copies after the run and was convinced I needed these sbd's. In the end, I HIGHLY recommend them and have to offer up props for the sound person on these. I could comment on each musician, but I really just have to say they all played extremely well the whole run. For me, this show has a solid Avis, Chest Fever and Chainsaw City in the first set...JB sounds cool as hell when he sings "wear your love around your ankles," it's just BAD ASS! Nance sings with Clinic Cynic, which just contains this perfect "Todd" sound. (I still wish for Todd and It Was You.) Plus, the boys have these harmonies in this song not like many others. The second set and Encore, from the first note to the last, is incredible. Sometimes is rich with volume again, and then they drop into a classic set of Panic. PAPA'S >Bears. Climb to Safety (unbelievable version). POSTCARD (Booyah!). Airplane (with a vintage mid song JB laugh). PAPA's. It was just cool as ever. Slippin. North. You Got Yours. SERIOUSLY! Sometimes I just admire the song selection and how it fits together. Encore: Her Dance Needs No Body. If there's a place for a wind song, it's Oakland and San Francisco. Last Dance. period (Goodnight) Happy Birthday, Neil Young END OF NIGHT ONE "

kc santa cruz 11/13/2009 3:49:47 PM

"Oh yea CTS was one of the best with a long jam and a great segway out of BGF"

kc santa cruz 11/13/2009 3:47:34 PM

"Great show. Amazing You got yours. the highlight for me was the papas home>bears gone fishing>postcard>airplane>papas home was awesome. what happened to the bears gone fishing on the livewsp post? I'm sure I heard it last night???? see y'all tonight."


Setlist at Fox Theater, Oakland, CA on Nov 12, 2009

Set One

Goodpeople 166


Dark Bar 200


Goodpeople 250


Aunt Avis 487


Time Zones 376


Chest Fever 484


Chainsaw City 565


Clinic Cynic 303


I Walk On Guilded Splinters 678


Drums 347


Old Neighborhood 339


Impossible 327


Set Two

Sometimes 300


Papa's Home 554


Bear's Gone Fishin' 616


Climb To Safety 587


Postcard 285


Airplane 725


Drums 163


Papa's Home 311


Slippin' Into Darkness 726


North 498


You Got Yours 459



Her Dance Needs No Body 527


Last Dance 570


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