Widespread Panic

Fox Theatre

Atlanta, GA

Mar 26, 2005

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • first Good People

  • first May Your Glass Be Filled

  • Diner through North with Chuck Leavell on keyboards with JoJo

  • Reviews

    casedog 6/14/2005 8:54:51 AM

    "Ro is right. Even for Panic, these shows are special. The year off was so good for everyone involved. This new dimension to the collective music is so incredible. I too was somewhat apprehensive several years ago. Now, I just can`t help but to imagine some of the emotion and promises that went into conversations and visions of the then future. Thanks so much to all of the good people that have worked hard for so long and didn`t give up so that I may enjoy my favorite charity (and yours if you`re reading this)."

    ro 5/8/2005 9:05:19 PM

    "well first I must say that the break was not only good for the boys but me as well. I was able to miss the energy that i 8 years ago so much craved. I took shows for granted and became critical of song selections. Who in the hell am I, a person with no musical talent what so ever, to question or knock any show. I love the people who talk bad about a show and were not even there or even better the people who walked out of the fox saying that it was not as good as they hoped or they didn`t play a certain song all the while I had friends who could not get a ticket that love these guys. I don`t know what they were listening to because it kicked ass. Just to be in that beatiful building with old friends, the boys just walking out on stage was worth the price. "

    big easy 4/20/2005 7:02:10 PM

    "all i can say is thank you panic."

    GrantPark 4/9/2005 3:23:17 PM

    "Wow! George sounds great! I used to watch him with Beanland and Kudzu Kings, always enjoyed. However, Mike H. was a personal icon for me and it was tough listening to George as lead. George has come a long way since last year. Keep on rockin!"

    Bob again 4/5/2005 5:46:18 PM

    "George rocks. The entire band rocks, and, they truly speak to me with their music and the way that they have chosen to move forward. My mom died four years ago today from cancer. Life inevitably goes on and it takes different twists and turns as it transpires. Folks that dwell in the past stay in the past. I`m glad to see that life for Widespread has continued to evolve and grow doing what they do the best. I know mine has, and my mom would be proud. Ain`t Life Grand after all?"


    Setlist at Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA on Mar 26, 2005

    Set One

    Good People 325


    Thought Sausage 332


    Monstrosity 494


    Travelin' Light 454


    Jack 424


    Proving Ground 327


    Bust It Big 538


    Proving Ground 54


    Makes Sense To Me 269


    Set Two

    Stop-Go 610


    Worry 489


    Bears Gone Fishing 689


    May Your Glass Be Filled 279


    Barstools and Dreamers 624


    Ribs and Whiskey 470


    Party At Your Mama's House 634


    Drums 368


    Diner 984


    Blackout Blues 417


    North 513



    Dream Song 339


    City Of Dreams 463


    All Time Low 315


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