Widespread Panic


Baltimore, MD

Apr 4, 2007

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • First Tickle The Truth
  • Reviews

    casey 11/13/2007 2:43:00 PM

    "Wow, just reading my post after a couple months makes me realize I was a little too excited about this show. Let me rephrase that: I made some claims that can`t be backed up. But after having this show on my iPod for more than six months, I listen to it far more than any of the other 25 shows I have on there. It is worth the download. how we mature with age. haha."

    Randall 4/18/2007 10:00:25 PM

    "Walked in halfway during first song, a little late getting in from Colorado. First time seeing Jimmy, brillant. Hippodrome very cool venue to see a show. Thought the Conrad to start the second set was killer. Other highlights for me were Pieces, Second Skin. "

    casey 4/12/2007 2:39:29 PM

    "Best Drums ever? haha, I think so. Best Chainsaw City, Jack, and Pickin` Up the Pieces? best I`ve heard, and that claim on Jack is a big one that I`m not wholly comfortable in making, but fuck it, I`m gonna self-aggrandize this show because I was there. And finally, Tell teh Truth into Submission better be on their playlists with Angels on HIgh and Shoes on Tight for a while. And they should be played in lieu of You Should Be Glad. I had to say that last part. haha. What a bomb ass show, and Second Skin was everything I hoped it would be live since I heard it on the radio! at a basement party after being in the woods (literally) for six months. Widespread is becoming a calling for a lot of new fans these days and this show is part of the reason. And Schools is the man. Doesn`t Old Neighborhood tell us that? "

    F Yeah 4/10/2007 4:46:20 PM

    "This show is so redunkulous you should stop reading this review and download it now. The Chilly>JACK !!!>Chilly is as fierce as they come. Tell The Truth Into Submission is the best new tune they`ve busted out! "

    Rick Walter 4/8/2007 2:36:53 PM

    "Probably the single best indoor venue I`ve seen them play. Being there was like having a pair of Bose headphones on. The light show was absolutely stunning. The show itself was more of a headtrip rather than a full on body buzz. There were times when you didn`t think that they were all on the same page; JoJo. Then there were times when I thought Mikey was in the building. It was if you were watching them work a few things out then you realized that they were all hardwired together. Alot of fans from Jimmy`s camp that were somewhat unfamiliar with WSP, and now I know why he has such a following."


    Setlist at Hippodrome, Baltimore, MD on Apr 4, 2007

    Set One

    Old Neighborhood 306


    Chilly Water 507


    Jack 486


    Chilly Water 321


    Casa Del Grillo 455


    Pickin' Up The Pieces 450


    Heroes 297


    Second Skin 837


    Junior 304


    Set Two

    Conrad the Caterpillar 571


    Tickle The Truth 409


    Bust It Big 918


    Proving Ground 418


    Mercy 643


    Radio Child 548


    Drums 385


    Solid Rock 335


    Chainsaw City 540



    Thought Sausage 292


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