Widespread Panic

House Of Blues

Lake Buena Vista, FL

Oct 11, 2006

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • Papa Johnny Road, Bear's Gone Fishin', You Should Be Glad, You Got Yours, Little Kin, All Time Low & Fixin' To Die with John Keane on guitars
  • Reviews

    Moon Doctor 10/26/2006 11:37:11 AM

    "Push my Panic Button! WP HOB MICKEY Get up! Sick set list. Crazy how the pit was during this show with water flying like crazy during CW>PG>CW as well as Fishh2o. Been a Herring fan forever. Glad he is home with Panic. But no need to kick George when he`s down. But I guess....I got my ways......You got yours."

    Mike R. 10/24/2006 7:07:29 AM

    "Well LGDTB says it all. just look at the song selection after LGDTB! Insane. Hey lets leave george alone and enjoy whats going on now, without back stabbing him. "

    10:13 ARLEEN 10/21/2006 11:02:32 AM

    "Wow! I`ve been at this for 13 years now and after three nights with Jimmy at the helm, what a difference! First shows I`ve seen since George McDeedle got booted, and how sweet it was. That heavy, melting guitar is back and the band seems to be having a blast. Especially JB. His Arleen and Hatfield raps had me in hysterics. It`s always classic how he pulls that shit out of his head. The 25 minute Chilly sandwich put the crowd into a frenzy as usual. Overall though, I`m just so happy that "the scream" is back, the sound is extremely strong, and the band is having fun again. It`s like a little science from the cooking pot mixing with the air......... FEELING OF WONDER!!"

    Wiley P in O-town 10/20/2006 12:31:21 AM

    "Amazing show, the crew seemed like they were gettin on the liquor train this night, but that didn`t stop them from tearing down the house. They`re only going to get better and better as J.H. gets more comfortable. By the way, I`m the guy screaming "yo J.B." in the middle of hatfield, haha."


    Setlist at House Of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL on Oct 11, 2006

    Set One

    Greta 548


    Give 312


    Papa Johnny Road 346


    Tortured Artist 295


    Hope In A Hopeless World 371


    Wondering 666


    Bear's Gone Fishin' 574


    You Should Be Glad 644


    You Got Yours 379


    Set Two

    Let's Get Down To Business 326


    Little Kin 445


    Chilly Water 492


    Proving Ground 646


    Chilly Water 455


    All Time Low 462


    Drums 602


    Orlando Jam 371


    Arleen 550


    Hatfield 936


    Fishwater 685



    Fixin' To Die 542


    Heaven 397


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