Widespread Panic

Husby Performing Arts Center

Sioux Falls, SD

Oct 25, 2006

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • Pigeons, Time Waits, Ain't Life Grand, The Take Out, Porch Song, Second Skin, Surprise Valley, C. Brown & Pickin' Up The Pieces with guest John Keane on guitars
  • Reviews

    Skinny 4/25/2007 9:49:27 PM

    "This was my first time seeing WP. The show was great, and although there weren`t tons of people there, the band still gave it their all. The relatively small venue was cool - there wasn`t a bad seat in the house. I just downloaded the mp3`s of this show. It`s too bad the band will probably never come back to Sioux Falls due to the unfortunate low turnout. I remember Dave Schools (bassist) asking the audience before the second set how many people were "not from anywhere near here". The majority of the audience cheered - Sioux Falls sucks when it comes to supporting music. I was somewhat disappointed that they didn`t play more songs from Earth To America. I would have loved to hear "Time Zones" or "Crazy". But it was an incredible show."

    Adam Stern 10/31/2006 8:20:50 AM

    "Was one of the 700 or so in attendance too and just had to make this purhcase. Just wanted to point out that for some reason John Keane`s playing did not make it onto the recording of Pigeons. He played the solo around the 2:24 mark at the show but it`s completely missing here -- he just didn`t make into on tape for that particular song. Once you get past that little snafu it`s a hell of a show."

    Logdogg 10/30/2006 12:27:46 AM

    "This show was amazing. It was a strange seen and the smallest crowd I`ve seen at a Panic show, but they threw down. This is definatly one of the best shows of the fall."

    Al 10/29/2006 5:16:12 PM

    "This is the first Widespread show I`ve been to and it was amazing. I hope to see them again sometime."

    Kelly L. 10/29/2006 11:27:12 AM

    "Best show I have seen in years. Glad to see you all in SF for this jammin yet intimate show. Fantastic sound and overall great set."


    Setlist at Husby Performing Arts Center, Sioux Falls, SD on Oct 25, 2006

    Set One

    Pigeons 537


    Who Do You Belong To? 339


    Dyin' Man 302


    Time Waits 326


    Greta 558


    Nobody's Fault But Mine 418


    Sioux Falls Jam 178


    Big Wooly Mammoth 474


    Weight Of The World 341


    Ain't Life Grand 278


    Set Two

    The Take Out 162


    Porch Song 189


    Second Skin 930


    All Time Low 237


    Surprise Valley 497


    The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 805


    Drums 211


    Surprise Valley 329


    C. Brown 443


    Radio Child 452



    Pickin' Up The Pieces 510


    Solid Rock 404


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