Widespread Panic

LOCKN' Festival

Arrington, VA

Sep 7, 2013

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About Formats
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Show Notes

Born on The Bayou > Fortunate Son with John Fogerty


Yo 6/18/2021 11:38:21 PM

"I’m glad they tried the Fogerty collab, even if it was a bit shaky. Cool to see rockers of different generations doing it big. Cool show otherwise, first show myself. They brought the heat "

wsmfp 3/19/2016 4:13:39 PM

"This was an interesting show for sure. The boys sounded great, really locked in, and when Fogerty came out there was definitely a tempo switch, which was to be expected, but I guess the thing that made it difficult was of course the expectation that he would be sitting in with them, as billed, and not that they would be his backing band for a quick trek through the hits. That being said, there were definitely moments that stand out as being cool, particularly when he would back off during a jam and lets the boys do their thing. Not enough give and take between fogerty and everyone else for the collaboration to fully develop. It is what it is. Perhaps equal parts cool and disappointing. Maybe thats a bit liberal. Subsequent lockn sit ins w panic have featured much more willing participants such as winwood and Jimmy cliff last year. Going back to 2013 though I'd say the following night was better by any estimate excluding the novelty cool factor and featured Derek trucks sitting in on one of the absolute nastiest chilly waters of all fucking time. "

chillyH2Ova 9/8/2013 7:25:16 PM

"GALACTIC BARNYARD BOOGIE!!!!!! From the jump , they hit and hit you hard. Henry Parsons grabbed you by the buckle and shook you thru a Pigeons that had JB down shifting thru the breaks and sliding it thru to rev it back up to speed. What may have been a perfect set w/ a little something something injected into one song to the next came to a screeching halt when fucking Fogerty joined the "panics" and looked and behaved like a drunk uncle @ a wedding, what a joke. Other than the novelty of the former CCR great playing along , he brought nothing to the table other than promoting his own new cd, and taking cheap jabs @ Herring and JB. "


Setlist at LOCKN' Festival, Arrington, VA on Sep 7, 2013

Set One

Henry Parsons Died 443


Pigeons 498


Travelin' Light 419


Pilgrims 470


Ribs and Whiskey 511


Holden Oversoul 371


Dyin' Man 293


Tail Dragger 314


Bust It Big 667


Surprise Valley 683


Blue Indian 361


Ain't Life Grand 316


Born On The Bayou 371


Bad Moon Rising 170


Mystic Highway 474


Suzie Q 282


Old Man Down The Road 316


Keep On Chooglin' 438


Fortunate Son 187


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