Widespread Panic

Meadowbrook US Cellular Pavilion

Gilford, NH

Aug 24, 2009

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About Formats
About Formats

Steve O 9/14/2009 1:17:53 PM

"This was my 1st time seeing Widespread Panic. I know the band has been around for a long time but it was the 1st time I caught them. Great band. I really enjoyed their set. I d/l'ed this set and can't seem to get it out of my CD Player. I will definetley go see this band again when they come back to NewEngland which I hope won't be too long. All the best, Steve O"

MainePanicFan 9/5/2009 8:07:10 PM

"This was my first show without Mikey (yes,it had been WAY too long) and the boys absolutely rocked. I agree with all of the posts not being crazy about the co-headlining deal with the ABB, but 2 full hours of Panic was sweet. Jimmy was killer, hitting the notes and jamming ridiculously. JB sounded great and Dave's playing all night and backup vocals on You Got Yours were outstanding! I bought the show on my way out and hasn't left the cd player in my car yet. Being a Panic fan living in New England, you have to take advantage when they're here. They did not disappoint on this night!"

Peggyo 9/4/2009 5:07:47 AM

"it's almost unfortunate that they're touring with the Allmans...still worth the price of admission though, right : ) but why not just play a whole show : ) John Bell and Jimmy Herring, doesn't get much sweeter : )"

MetsFanVt 8/27/2009 8:09:19 PM

"On the ABB website it says who opens and closes each show."

PANICSCHOOLS 8/26/2009 12:10:50 PM

"bringing the heat all tour even though it is only 2 hrs a night. wish it was just Panic but its ok halloween and new years will be that much better. The Allman Bros website says that panic will close the first night in chi town, the first night in charlotte, portsmouth and one night in TN."


Setlist at Meadowbrook US Cellular Pavilion, Gilford, NH on Aug 24, 2009

Set One

Better Off 367


Heroes 293


Angels On High 492


Holden Oversoul 830


Give 335


Little Lilly 737


Driving Song 248


You Got Yours 621


Disco 361


Driving Song 156


Airplane 666


Second Skin 955


All Time Low 237


Henry Parsons Died 505


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