Widespread Panic

Moran Theater

Jacksonville, FL

Nov 4, 2007

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About Formats
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Coconut Phil 2013 6/24/2013 6:49:56 PM

"WP was red hot in 2007, Jimmy was still getting broken in. I have been jamming the Winter 2007 Tour all day, listening to this show right now, It's smoking for sure. Feel like the time machine took me back to 2007."

mshalfstep 12/7/2007 4:29:51 AM

"HOT, HOT, HOT !!! I was lucky to be in in attendance on this beautiful Sunday night on the St. John`s river & you -know- what everyone says about the boys on the sabbath ~> "Never Miss A Sunday Panic Show !!" I posted a review a while back about how good this show was, but I after more repeated listenings, I felt the need to urge "you" again to HEAR this one !! I have almost all of the first 3 weeks of fall tour in SBD format & I have listened to every show at least once .... my point being that this show > Set II especially < is easily in the top 5 sets of the entire tour, regardless of what the mass of setlist whiners have said ! Seemingly every note has the new WP {{{intensity that crackles with HIGH ENERGY}}} Of special noteworthiness: JB`s passionately charged reading of `Business` and (again) `Thought Sausage` is downright filthy, disgusting, and just dirty, dirty, ripping, raging Panic at it`s best (& def. my new fav version)- Love the beautiful latino-laced `Casa` breather .... `WDYBT?` was simply searing w/ that runaway freight train sound .... oh and `ANU` .... `nuff said - MUST HEAR."

JaxJester 11/13/2007 5:40:25 PM

"Fantastic show. Love the old school tunes, some of my favs. Jimmy was on fire. Waited 8 years for Panic to hit Jax again and sure hope they return next year!"

Mr Positive 11/9/2007 3:22:22 PM

"This show was hot, heavy, beautiful and flowed perfectly. I personally do not care about set lists. I would agree this is not exactly the best set list but the show was full of energy and better than the first half of the tour. "

DTO 11/9/2007 11:52:37 AM

"Worst setlist of the fall tour. Walk On, ANU, and Chainsaw City are the highlights. The two set openers were nice, but overall it`s a big disappointment when you only get to see 2 shows the entire tour and one of them happens to be the crappy setlist sandwiched between Charleston and Miami > Bham. "


Setlist at Moran Theater, Jacksonville, FL on Nov 4, 2007

Set One

Jacksonville Jam 288


Love Tractor 350


Give 375


Papa Johnny Road 532


Blue Indian 383


Walk On 529


Jacksonville Jam 187


Better Off 375


Travelin' Man 595


Stag-O-Lee 361


Drums 95


Papa Legba 515


Set Two

Let's Get Down To Business 351


Thought Sausage 308


Casa Del Grillo 453


Who Do You Belong To? 400


It Ain't No Use 601


Jacksonville Jam 418


Dyin' Man 281


Me And The Devil Blues 595


You Should Be Glad 867


Chainsaw City 750



This Part of Town 327


Makes Sense To Me 293


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