Widespread Panic

Driving Songs Vol. III: Spring 2008


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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Let’s do something different this time. Instead of just taking one song from each show let’s just take take a bunch of the good stuff and throw it all together. No particular order. No theme. No rules. Sound good? Well, I hope so cause that’s what I did with this one!

    I typically think of spring tours as a way for the band and the crew (and you too actually) to shake the rust off and get back in gig shape. It’s nearly impossible to expect to be hitting on all cylinders right out of the box, particularly when you’ve been idle for a winter. I’ve seen it before where you can go the whole spring run and never quite feel that things clicked as a whole. Moments here and there might be special, but as a whole…it just takes a while. The touring year is most definitely an endurance test and finding and setting a pace is important in the beginning too. It’s okay to stumble a bit so long as you find your feet eventually, right? But on this one…well, I think we forgot to tell the band about all that because they were in a full on, mid season form sprint only a couple of shows in. I won’t say when but I knew the exact moment at the exact show when it was apparent that things had already taken shape and it was on. Just seeing them get it together so quickly would have been enough to constitute a successful tour in my book, but they weren’t done. About halfway through the tour I found myself looking at the setlists on the way to front of house (that’s where the console is) thinking “damn…what’s this all about?!”. The setlists started to look, um, different? Something about their structure, their layout and, in spots, their content just changed. A conscious effort to bring about change or, just like so many things in Widespread Panic land, a change that just happened? Who knows, who cares. It worked. I mean it REALLY worked. Needless to say there was no shortage of material to pull from for Driving Songs III. Give it a listen and try to catch your breath, we’ll be back on the road before ya know it!

    See ya there,

    Chris Rabold
    Athens, GA
    May 2008

    DISC ONE  
    Porch Song 4/19/08 Orange Beach, AL
    No Sugar Tonight/
    New Mother Nature
    4/13/08 Chicago, IL
    Gimme 4/22/08 Savannah, GA
    Boro Jam 4/16/08 Murfreesboro, TN
    Ophelia 4/29/08 Columbia, SC
    Bust It Big 4/12/08 Chicago, IL
    Flat Foot Flewzy 5/3/08 Dallas, TX
    Fishwater 4/1/08 Washington, DC
    DISC TWO  
    Let It Rock 5/2/08 Houston, TX
    Take Off Jam 4/5/08 New York, NY
    Driving Song> 4/26/08 Raleigh, NC
    Suprise Valley> 4/26/08 Raleigh, NC
    Drums> 4/26/08 Raleigh, NC
    Surprise Valley> 4/26/08 Raleigh, NC
    Heaven> 4/26/08 Raleigh, NC
    Driving Song 4/26/08 Raleigh, NC
    Pilgrims 4/20/08 Orange Beach, AL
    Her Dance Needs
    No Body
    5/1/08 New Orleans, LA
    Protein Drink> 4/4/08 New York, NY
    Sewing Machine 4/4/08 New York, NY
    Don't Be Denied 4/19/08 Orange Beach, AL
    Ribs and Whiskey 5/3/08 Da

    Doug E. Fresh 6/20/2008 1:33:25 PM

    "Chris, Phenomenal picks on this one. Bought the 2nd .First was ehhh.....ANYWAY , lookin' 4ward to havin' this one. Anne Marie Calhoun is a pal of my gal ,so when we saw her on that Drivin' in Raleigh.....well....spectacular was about all I can say, and for those who'd like to SEE that,check her out on youtube. Also Chris, many thanks for putting that Heathen on there.Saw that WAYYYY back in The Old Post Office days on Hilton Head.The Ophelia in Columbia rocked too. Really don't care how you wanna do these....they satisfy in many aspects man. I'll see you @ Allgood & Charlotte. Till then,master that Saprtanburg,SC 12-30-95!! Ha !"

    scott 6/9/2008 1:47:28 PM

    "Chris, Thanks for selecting just some of the best stuff from the tour this time as opposed to one song from each night. Here's a vote for doing it this way going forward."

    Gamecock Andy 6/5/2008 7:18:43 AM

    "Worth the purchase for Her Dance Needs No Body into Vic Chesnutt's Protein Drink > Sewing Machine into a great cover of Neil Young's Don't Be Denied. It is always great to hear the old but seldom played Sleepy Monkey and what a great finish with Goin'Out West! Love the cd's but where are the cd labels?"

    Woodrow from VA 6/1/2008 8:18:30 AM

    "Love the new format of the driving songs! Raleighs Suprise Valley and Driving Song were a must! Just cant believe you left out that Genesis from Richmond..."

    Nathan Grissom 5/29/2008 8:40:57 AM

    "Love all the Raleigh songs. Ann Marie was on and so was the band. One day 4-26-08 will be a archive album; and I was there!! Love the way the album was put together!! Can't wait to get it."


    Porch Song 518


    No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature 431


    Gimme 615


    Boro Jam 560


    Ophelia 219


    Bust It Big 806


    Flat Foot Flewzy 465


    Fishwater 649


    Let It Rock 474


    Take Off Jam 460


    Driving Song 267


    Surprise Valley 941


    Heaven 579


    Driving Song 173


    Pilgrims 487


    Her Dance Needs No Body 541


    Protein Drink 261


    Sewing Machine 565


    Don't Be Denied 413


    Ribs and Whiskey 554


    Sleepy Monkey 559


    Heathen 369


    Goin' Out West 348


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