Widespread Panic

Dirty Side Down


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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Widespread Panic: John Bell - vocals, guitar/ John Hermann – vocals, keyboards/ Jimmy Herring - - electric, acoustic and baritone guitars/ Todd Nance – vocals, drums/ Domingo S. Ortiz – percussion/ Dave Schools – basses

Management: Sam Lanier & Buck Williams
Brown Cat: Ellie, Garrie, Chris, Matt, & Steve Lopez
WP Merch: Crumpy & Greta 

Produced by John Keane and Widespread Panic
Engineered, mixed and mastered by John Keane
Art & Package Design by Marq Spusta
Package Coordinator - Ellie MacKnight
Widespread Panic uses:
Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks and Mallets, Goff Professional Hammond Organ, Remo & D'Addario strings. Dave plays Modulus Graphite basses equipped with GHS strings and Ampeg cabinets and amplifiers; Domingo uses Latin Percussion Instruments; Todd uses DW drums, pedals & hardware; and John blends Washburn Guitars.
Many thanks to:
The Progressive Global Agency (Buck, Dan, Hunter, Jon, Jennifer & Patti)
ATO Records (Coran Capshaw, Jon Salter, Will Botwin)
Jim Flammia
Sean & Eric Pretto
Paul Agostino
Gerry Hansen
Roadshow Services
C.W. Alkire & Eighth Day Sound
Bandit Lites
Brad Blettenberg
Five Pointes Rigging
Jim & Debbie Forbes at AVS
Dan Beeson at Mother Nature Network
Carl Schlacher
Anderson Page at Modulus
Paul Panarelli & Bobby Boos at Sabian
Marco Soccoli at Vic Firth
Tommy’s Drum Shop in Austin TX
Scott Garrison at DW Drums
Folks at Forks Drum Closet
Chick Piano
Greg Ramano
Michelle Jacoby & Matt Connors at Remo
Steve Nigohosian, Terry Tlatelpa & Victor Filonovich at Latin Percussion
Andy Fuchs at Fuchs Audio Technology
John Harrison at Tone Tubby Speakers/A Brown Soun Inc.
Jason Herndon at Gretsch Guitars
Justin Norvelle at Fender Guitars
Greg Timmons at Lollar Pickups
Scott May at Leslie
Paul Reed Smith and PRS Guitars
Jeff Bakos at Bakos Amp Works
Derek Brooks at Ernie Ball Volume Pedals
Hughes Gilmartin at D’Addario Strings/Planet Waves
Gregg Stewart at Warmoth Guitar Parts
Gene Baker at Fine Tuned Instrumetns
Cliff Cultreri at Destroy All Guitars
Paul Cook
Mark Wilmot
Jim Decola
Budda Amps
Glen Goldstein at Hard Truckers Speaker Enclosures
Leo Fender
Col. Bruce Hampton
John Keane
Anne Richmond Boston
the entire Panic Crew and special thanks to our Families, Friends, & Fans.
All songs written by Widespread Panic published by Yellow Rabbits Music LLC/BMI except: True to My Nature, written by Widespread Panic & Daniel Hutchens. This Cruel Thing, written by Vic Chesnutt, Ghetto Bells Music. North, written by Jerry Joseph Pampoon Publishing. Jaded Tourist, written by Widespread Panic & Bill Elder.
John Keane plays: Pedal Steel Guitar on Clinic Cynic, True To My Nature, When You Coming Home; Acoustic Guitar on Clinic Cynic & This Cruel Thing; and Background Vocals on Saint Ex & Dirty Side Down. Anne Richmond Boston provides vocals on When You Coming Home & This Cruel Thing.

Coconut Phil, Simpsonville, SC 5/25/2010 1:41:28 PM

"Picked up my copy today at the local store. I really like this album a lot better then the last, the songs just seem so right for the band at this point in history. Looking forward to them playing this stuff live this Summer. Jam on. Coconut Phil."


Saint Ex 407


North 343


Dirty Side Down 237


This Cruel Thing 270


Visiting Day 327


Clinic Cynic 275


St. Louis 172


Shut Up and Drive 404


True To My Nature 294


When You Coming Home 337


Jaded Tourist 268


Cotton Was King 352


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