Widespread Panic

Live In The Classic City II, MM


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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Widespread Panic:
John Bell – vocals, guitars

John Hermann – keyboards, vocals
Michael Houser – guitars, vocals
Todd Nance – drums, vocals   

Domingo S. Ortiz – percussion
David Schools – basses

Guest Musician Credits: Arvin Scott (percussion on Barstools and Dreamers & End of the Show), John Keane (pedal steel guitar on This Part of Town, Sleeping Man & End of the Show), Anne Richmond Boston (vocals on You'll Be Fine), Daniel Hutchens (vocals on Success Yourself & End of the Show), Eric Carter (guitar on Success Yourself & End of the Show), Mike Mills (keyboards on End of the Show), Wade Hester (guitar on Rebirtha.)
Produced by John Keane and Widespread Panic
Mixed by John Keane at John Keane Studios, assisted by Billy Field.
Recorded live by Billy Field, Danny Friedman & Brad Blettenburg.
Mastered by Ken Love at Mastermix.
Management: Sam Lanier & Buck Williams
Brown Cat: Gomer, Garrie, Mary, Richard, Trey, Ellie, Greta, Crumpy, and Chris.
Widespread Panic uses: Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks and Mallets, Goff Professional Hammond Organ, & D’Addario strings. Michael Houser plays Fender Guitars; Dave Schools plays Modulus Graphite basses equipped with GHS strings; Domingo uses L.P. Instruments; Todd uses DW drums, pedals & hardware; and John Bell uses up Washburn Guitars.
Thanks To: The Progressive Global Agency, Tom Lipski, Four Seasons, Roadshow, Light and Sound Design Atlanta, Electrotec, Del Breckenfeld, Carl Schlacher, Jane McNall, Anderson Page, Nick Bielli, Paul Panarelli, Chuck Moulton, Bobby Boos, Scott Garrison, the Folks at Forks Drum Closet, Chick Piano, Greg Ramano, Steve Nigohosian, Kimberly Redl at Latin Percussion, Jim and Debbie Forbes at AVS, the Oade Brothers, the Classic Center Staff, Yogi, & JR
Special thanks to our Family, Friends, & Fans.
All songs written by Widespread Panic (Widespread Music / BMI)
ExceptTravelin’ Light Written by J.J. Cale (Audigram Music / BMI) Sleeping Man written by Vic Chesnutt (Ghetto Bells Music) Success Yourself written by Daniel Hutchens (Wet Trombone Music, BMI)  End of the Show written by Daniel Hutchens & Eric Carter (Wet Trombone Music, BMI)

For everything Widespread Panic www.widespreadpanic.com,


Lauren 1/17/2019 7:29:53 PM

"Love SCI! Always down for the groove"


Travelin' Light 376


Machine 196


Barstools and Dreamers 704


This Part of Town 318


Sleeping Man 397


Radio Child 332


Imitation Leather Shoes 291


Disco 282


Rebirtha 765


Greta 622


E on a G 379


You'll Be Fine 215


Big Wooly Mammoth 376


Fishwater 684


Success Yourself 338


End Of The Show 408


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