Second Skin 678
Goodpeople 364
From the Cradle 262
Solid Rock 302
Time Zones 315
When the Clowns Come Home 267
Ribs and Whiskey 293
Crazy 259
You Should Be Glad 611
May Your Glass Be Filled 368
Earth To America


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Second Skin 678
Goodpeople 364
From the Cradle 262
Solid Rock 302
Time Zones 315
When the Clowns Come Home 267
Ribs and Whiskey 293
Crazy 259
You Should Be Glad 611
May Your Glass Be Filled 368

Show Notes

  • Produced by Terry Manning & Widespread Panic. Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Terry Manning at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas.
  • Recording assisted by Billy Field. Assistant engineers Osie Bowe and Alex Dixon.
  • Audio equipment provided by Lucas Engineering and Mercenary Audio.
  • Strings arranged by Terry; horns arranged by Domingo and Terry.

  • Art & Package Design by Chris Bilheimer.

    Widespread Panic uses: Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks and Mallets, Goff Professional Hammond Organ, Evans & Remo Drumheads & D'Addario strings/George plays PRS guitars; Dave plays Modulus Graphite basses equipped with GHS strings and Ampeg cabinets; Domingo uses LP Instruments; Todd uses DW drums, pedals & hardware; and John haunts Washburn Guitars & line 6 Amps.

    Many thanks to: The Progressive Global Agency (Beth, Dan, Hunter, Jason, Jennifer & Patti), Sanctuary Records, Tom Lipsky, Bob Cahill, Jordan Zucker, Shore Fire Media, Compass Pt Studios (Terry & Sherrie Manning, Osie, Mikie, Helen & Alex), Sam Holt, Paul Agostino, Diego Winegardner, (Pablo, Melissa, Jean Max at Seascape), Roadshow, Fourth Phase-Atlanta, Pyramid Coach, Taylor Tours, Jim & Debbie Forbes at AVS, Dan Beeson, Bill Siegel, Carl Schlacher, Anderson Page, Ted Kornblum, Randy Barker, Paul Panarelli & Bobby Boos at Sabian, Marco Soccoli at Vic Firth, Ed Magruder at Musicians Warehouse, Scott Garrison at DW Drums, PRS guitars, Folks at Forks Drum Closet, Chick Piano, Greg Ramano, Michelle Jacoby & Matt Connors at Remo, Steve Nigohosian & Victor Filonovich at Latin Percussion, Yogi and the entire Panic crew
    And special thanks to our Family, Friends, & Fans

  • Management: Sam Lanier, Buck Williams (PGA) & Brown Cat - Garrie, Mary, Ellie, Trey, Crumpy, Chris, Billy & Greta.

    All songs written by Widespread Panic published by Brain Delay LLC/BMI
    Except: Second Skin & Time Zones which is WP and Jerry Joseph published by Brain Delay; From the Cradle written by WP and William Tonks published by Brain Delay LLC / BMI; Solid Rock written by Bob Dylan published by Special Rider Music/Ascap

    Widespread Panic: John Bell - vocals, guitars/John Hermann - keyboards, vocals/ George McConnell - guitars, vocals/Todd Nance - drums /Domingo S Ortiz - percussion/Dave Schools – basses, vocals

  • Horns played by Jawara Adams and Tino Richardson, The Compass Point Horns
  • Strings played by The Phuket Chamber Orchestra, Chris Melchior conductor and first chair violin
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    Gabrien 9/1/2022 12:57:14 PM

    "I love my second skin"

    Wow 7/25/2022 2:10:40 AM

    "Reading the comments on this for the first time, Jesus man some of y’all are insufferable. The only thing bad about panic is some of the complete scum that you inevitably run into at shows, you guys really never outgrew the washed up frat dog phase huh"

    August West 6/30/2022 7:58:33 AM

    "I love the album, “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!” That’s the best Panic album….hands down ya, Dingus!"

    Mikey 10/12/2010 5:09:52 AM

    "This is still hands down the best album released by anyone in the music industry in a long time...2nd Skin is awesome, time zones reminds me of America, and you should be glad is alllllllllllllllll about Memphis-Mississippi connection of the ancients who created the early cradles of civilization! If I didn't know better the boys are time-travellers and Sunny is the secret weapon from Waco!"

    NugP 1/26/2008 4:57:11 PM

    "Damn Arleen. You do realize that the band you love is comprised of "southern fag boys" as you like to call us, don't you? Sean IS wrong that they won't play down South because "we know the true Panic down here." First, they are expanding to their audience. Panic is becoming universal so their tour is expanding as well. Secondly, they DO play down here a lot. Their "special" performance last year was 3 nights in Athens. Kicked ass! Third, if they play down here too much it would be financially stupid, as people wouldn't look forward for 3 months to seeing them."

    casey 4/12/2007 3:37:18 PM

    "I can`t believe people who listen to Panic can be so up tight. Why spend twenty dollars on Earth to America when that can pay for half of a live show when they pass through? Save the money, see em live, and respect each other. Jimmy is the man, by the wya."

    scarlet begonias 10/26/2006 8:12:32 AM

    "the dead will never be dead. get a clue."

    10:13 ARLEEN 10/21/2006 10:38:57 AM

    "mc stealin` your face.......maybe "the boys" aren`t visiting the south because they`re afraid the crowds would be full of little fuck stick, southern fag boys like you, that think they know everything. The change from George was the smartest thing they`ve done in a while as Jimmy`s playing is so much stronger and heavier. Put down the hunting rifle, get out of the woods and grab a Q-tip. Get the chiggers out of your ears and just listen. Sean`s gotcha on this one, you moron. And what the hell is an "untrained professional"? Seems like your english comprehension is a bit untrained. And get a new name. The Grateful Dead are DEAD. Steal a brain instead. "

    jimmy f`in rocks 10/12/2006 5:57:14 PM

    "saying this album is better than `dont tell the band` or `ball` isn`t saying too much. those albums eat it. (sorry panic...much love for ya!!)"

    mc stealin` your face 9/23/2006 10:56:19 PM

    "in response to your little 8/2 tirade, sean...who f--kin` cares?? The band is still releasing their Fox simulcast on Nov. 14, 2006, and E2A is still an album 55 X better than Ball or Don`t Tell the clean them ears out, boy...the true fans all know that TEWSY is a song and not just the name of the WP DVD. George may be gone, but Sam Holt may have been the last Great White Hope...don`t forsee dumping thousands to go see jimmy herring all over the country when the boys don`t even have the cohonas to go back down south (Mobile, New Orleans) or at least play north Alabama for more than one nite...pretty sure they are scared of entering old familiar territory with new, untrained professional!!"

    evacuee 7/21/2006 9:44:52 PM

    "Been kinda busy lately with leaving New Orleans and all. Ain`t going back to that hole. Have not got the new CD yet but have read the reviews. Having heard the different opinions, I can`t wait to buy the disc and get into it for myself. I am new to this chat stuff, but whoever it was that said "just enjoy the music", you said it brother. Tides turn. If you like the old stuff, or if you like the new stuff, just be patient. Tides turn. Personally, I like the old stuff. "

    SNUGNUTTERIES 7/12/2006 5:36:51 PM


    mc in mississippi 7/12/2006 1:10:18 PM

    "wow...just out of boredom checked the reviews here, and did not know I had started a firestorm of controversy. The Earth Will Swallow You DVD is about the staying power of a band who does not let their egos get in the way, and shows how a song that wasn`t played in over 10 years on the band`s setlist was nailed in the studio being played for the first time by JoJo. The incredible-edible, delicious mindtreat that Mikey had cooked up before Herman`s time was a rarity on tour, and a perfect example of the kind of song that illustrated the contrast between the "dark and the light" that Jerry Joseph spoke so frankly of. TEWSY was a heavy, Floydian instrumental that took Panic in the direction it is headed today. I hope to God to one day again hear this tune preceding the Second Skin with a little help from the Phuket Chamber Orchestra straight into the heavy 60`s bass-line of the song "Spirit in the Sky"... where ya going to go when ya die, give it up to the spirit in the sky..."

    wbpanic 7/10/2006 1:33:12 PM

    "I got to agree with Sean a little on this one. This is not the old feel panic has given me since my early teenage days. It definately is different. Of all the albums this is my least favorite of them all. To be honest though, I never have been a big fan of Panic in the studio. They are not a good studio band to me. I think there will be a lot of people who won`t like this album. A lot of people did not like what the dead were doing at various times of their career. So as long as Panic keeps the show rolling, I cant complain."

    PATFIELD 7/2/2006 6:51:37 AM

    "You should honestly do just a little research before running your **cksucker. Just because you haven`t heard it, doesn`t mean it don`t exist."

    Araxis 7/1/2006 12:53:23 PM

    "Love this CD...hey sean check out this setlist.. my first show...and they played "The Earth Will Swallow You" that showed swallowed me into the madness of WSP ;)"

    PATFIELD 6/28/2006 6:56:43 PM

    "The album is good. Very good. I don`t need to bash anyone for anything, everyone has different tastes and different baggage...The album is good. Very good."

    nw panic 6/28/2006 8:27:41 AM

    "wow. i`m tired of seeing people get bashed for saying they don`t think this is a great album. the truth is, it isn`t. don`t get me wrong, i love the new sound of panic, and i think george is sounding great. i`m looking forward to seeing them many times this summer, as i have for the past 10+ years...and as i will in the future. however, their songwriting is not what it used to be. where are the lyrics? "suck the road, don`t suck my breath"?? are you kidding me? they ruined a perfect song with that chorus. many of the other songs here are mediocre also. i hate to post something negative about my favorite band, but i`m not blinded to the fact that their new material just doesn`t stack up. do i miss the old days? of course. do i dig the new sound? you bet. if only the songwriting is as good as the playing."

    Emerson 6/25/2006 9:20:14 AM

    "I would have to say, E2A is Far from being alright as stated by some. Of course things will be different with one of the Founders gone, but that`s what makes Music, Music. You have to switch it up & keep the music coming from the Soul!!! As everyone knows, I am sure, we lost a Legend in his own time but the fact that they keep giving us AWESOME music again & again says alot!!! Everyone has to accept that there will be songs we all have grown to love that sadly we will never hear again live. But yet they thrive to put out such great hits. I, for one, Love the new album & think WSP has SO much more for us, we just have to be patient & let it all unfold in the upcoming years. I am Very grateful for all they have done in my life & inspire me to do. Just let the good times roll & keep Blessing us with your amazing talents!!! Peace & Panic"

    cwhite 6/23/2006 11:31:36 AM

    "I agree with mc in mississppi, get a life sean, sure the sound is different, but panic lives on and I think they are doing a wonderful job. If you have such a problem with them why don`t you wait on a phish tour to come back around. oh yeah E2A is a great album. "

    Jen O`C 6/22/2006 11:40:56 AM

    "Earth to America is yet another fine snapshot of Widespread Panic and where they are at this moment in time. The album, done in typical WSP fashion, by roadtesting first and recording second, ended up being a fantastic representation of the new tunes. From the first time I heard Second Skin live, to the first time I played E2A, the song continues to give me chills, taking me to some place in the dark, mysterious WSP zone where I`m miraculously reborn. Good People, oh yeah, WSP, you ARE the good people! I will happily drink the water and be whole again. I constantly have a "new" new favorite tune... after hearing E2A, I`ve decided that my "new" new favorite tune is definitely From the Cradle... I`m looking forward to wearing out the << button trying to learn all the words! The boys rock Solid Rock, way to make it your own, guys. The big surprise on the album was Time Zones. I liked it from the git-go, but surprised myself at just how loud I cranked my stereo and how much I danced around my living room when I heard the studio cut. IN FACT... the GM at the radio station that I work for (a commercial station that actually plays WSP) likes Time Zones so much, he`s putting it in rotation, rather than the kinda long Second Skin. I have to admit I`m a little confused about the title of track 6, I could have sworn it was cows, not clowns. Is it just me? Ribs and Whiskey, always awww yeeaahhh. You Should Be Glad... well yes I am very glad when I hear that tune - live or on E2A, it`s one of my favorite new songs. And finally, May Your Glass Be Filled... my glass is once again after getting a dose of new Widespread Panic. Right back at ya boys!... and George, keep up the great work - you`re doing a FINE job!!! I love, love, love all the new songs and think Earth to America is a great album. Congratulations on this success and safe travels to you while you`re out on the road. I heart WSP! "

    mc in mississippi 6/18/2006 5:41:49 PM

    " Blasphemy. Sean`s review was a blow below the belt. Second Skin is "all right"?!! Next I suppose The Earth Will Swallow You is not a good enough tune because JoJo`s keyboards were more prominent through the instrumental than Mikey`s guitar?? Get a clue, creep. E2A is an outstanding WP album, and heads and shoulders above the LAST TWO studio albums!!"

    michael campbell 6/16/2006 12:55:33 PM

    " This is the album that i personally feel a part of as a non-stop touring act with Panic allowed me to see last can hear the influences from the Halloween in Vegas of 2005 with the Dirty Dozen on horns and see how easily Panic assimilated with the Chamber Orchestra in December of 2005. Songs like Time Zones and You Should Be Glad were nicely done thoughout the tour last year, and the culmination at the Fox this spring pulled the carpet out from under our feet. Second Skin is a heavy number deep in its influence of Floydian dark metal, and also very easily gives a run for the money to ANY of the new singles on the new Tool "10,000 Days" album. JB, Schools, and George all get an A plus for ripping the shreds off of our flesh with this metallic tune. GoodPeople takes the dance spirit out and applies it fundamentally where Coltrane would have loved to play at any jazz joint back in the day. From the Cradle somehow seems to be the theme of the album, but not sure exactly why. Is it Deep 6 that keeps the population down, or DEET 6? The sound of You Should Be Glad is unique and unheard of in today`s music world, while the lyrical landscape is mixed in folklore of the Mississippi and Arkansas geography...I wonder, has JB ever heard of the legend about the Arkarian Indian Tribe and a phrophet named Jeremiah? "Man in black cloud rides overhead", indeed. Incredible song that easily ties back to Time Zones and references about an "earthquake". May Your Glass Be filled is another Pink Floyd influenced number that very easily would make David Gilmour blush, and take him back to the days of the "Meddle" album and all those glorious gems that were released before Floyd knew their time. The background ending of pipes at the end of Glass Be Filled is very haunting and sounds eeirly like "Amazing Grace". The guitar work here has also been seen before on the Everyday album as the sound of the "Dream Song". Beautiful, spectacular, and mind-bending, Earth To America is hands down the best new album in decades for ANY music medium and I can only hope to see the boys reach a higher respect from their peers as well as the music industry in general."

    lhdawg 6/15/2006 9:06:00 AM

    "Here are my intial thoughts..... Love the additions of the Phuket Orchestra and the horns. On second skin it sounds so much more dramatic and beautifully composed. What an incredible song, I thought it was appropriately placed as the first song on the cd. From the Cradle is straight up, what can be said, LIKE IT and look forward to it evolving over time. Time Zone is the one that really hit me. Thanks to the studio production all the lyrics can be heard clearly love this song and the line "keeps the angels from wrapping around you" gave me chills (like spritual goose bumbs I guess). I would love to know the story behind the name change from cows to clowns and how that came about. OK the Ribs and Whiskey has an awesome amount of differences in the instruments being played. Love IT!! Has a great old timey feel. Sounds like JoJo is on the old piano and sounds like the dobro we read about is being played here, anyway good job changing it up, and I think I hear George on the acoustic which I would say is where he shines. Nicely done guys!! I have been a fan of (No Aye Mas) now known as Crazy ever since I first heard it. I am so happy you recorded this song on this album. A Big Thanks and I also think this song has so much to offer instrumentally to the listener. LOVE IT!!! All I can say is I am glad!!!!! They do a nice job of the You Should Be Glad. I have always enjoyed the rythem and drums in this song, it`s fun to dance to. Many thanks to the band for putting out a quality CD!! May your glass be filled and hopefully you will see your way to a grammy if those are your wishes and dreams. Love the closer with the wind pipes and the digereydoo,(or was I just hearing things?) Nice Job and Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

    mtngoat goodwin! 6/14/2006 10:52:04 PM

    "Havn`t bought an album since "Everyday"....Thank you boys!! "Howlin` & Glistened"...indeeeed."

    will 6/14/2006 8:47:55 PM

    "Very good album, im so glad to see that they still write great tunes, and im sure they will continue to write great tunes. not enough guitar soloing, and i think george should have soloed on the album like he did when they played these songs live. "

    minear 6/14/2006 3:51:03 PM

    "for some reason the extra videos play as sound only i am using the new version of winamp but the video part is not playing any suggestions? by the way cant wait for 2 nights in memphis "

    Panicman 6/13/2006 7:49:05 PM

    "I absolutely love this album. It`s very well put together and the integration of the horns and strings sound perfect. The vinyl was a good call too. I`m really enjoying it! Thanks again guys and I`ll see you this summer!"

    jeremy and queen lee ann 5/11/2006 7:57:57 AM

    "So lee ann is a legend in old school panic.. I j SCOTT was lucky enough to go to tulsa with her. Not only did she get in free because of who she is and ofcourse was, but in tulsa we took very good care of out "security" guys, but lee ann and my self took good care of them "hint hint hitn" so they let anythig go. I loved it. of course it is not the same, but it ROCKED. TELL ME ABOUT YALLS NIGHT. WELL WORTH IT!!! AYE!!!???"

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