Widespread Panic

Mud Island Amphitheatre

Memphis, TN

Oct 15, 2008

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About Formats
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jackstraw 9/13/2010 10:12:00 PM

"He does use a strat, but with humbuckers NOT single coils. So, his strat actually is not as thin and bright as normal strats with single coils. Jimmy also plays Fuchs Amps NOT Marshall, he uses Marshall cabs. Fuchs is also used by Warren Haynes until he started using PRS amps. But he still uses his Fuchs too. And yes Some 80's metal bands use Marshall heads and Cabs. Not trying to be all mighty, Im just a gear nerd! I can't believe people don't like Jimmy, his tone, or both!!! I feel like he saved the band!!! I've seen tons of shows with all 3 playin lead and I personally LOVE having Jimmy on board. And you can tell how much the boys do too. Be kind and respect one another, we are all on the same team! Love."

jeff 1/28/2009 9:35:13 PM

"in response to the guy named phish20...jimmy doesnt use effects just volume pedals...pay attention kid!!! i wish i was as cool as you dude."

PhishH20 12/7/2008 10:47:24 PM

"Overall, I would give this show a B-. As other people have said, Jimmy's effects make it sound like we are listening to a heavy metal rendition of their songs. Jimmy messes up a ton in the second set but is able to recover and make the jams sound alright. Since I wasn't able to catch this one, I can't factor the crowd energy into the equation. There are some good moments. Love Tractor was really good, I've seen/heard better but pretty good nonetheless. Big Wooly Mammoth > Cream Puff War > Memphis jam, now that was killer! Jimmy was mainly on the ball there and the boys were just on fire. All was good in the rest of the set, especially the TYS. But it seemed almost anti-climactic encoring with Porch Song last and not even jamming on it enough to make it count. So overall...a solid B- for this one"

Igatius J. Reilly 11/8/2008 10:57:15 PM

"I agrre with truthmoney. Herring's sound is way over the top, there is no "warmth"to the sound. His gear a problem: He plays a Fender Strat, which has a bright metalliac sound, pushed through Marshall amps and cabs. Isn't this the same gear Heavy Metal Hair Bands used in the 80's?' "

truthmonkey 11/4/2008 9:07:08 AM

"I think what wtf is saying is Jimmy does over play. At times it doesnt sound good. If Jimmy is so great, why didnt the Dead or the Allman Bros. keep him around? He has a heavy metal sound, not a southern rock sound. He does not complement WSP. Any musician would reconize that."


Setlist at Mud Island Amphitheatre, Memphis, TN on Oct 15, 2008

Set One

The Take Out 284


Tall Boy 281


Rock 451


1 x 1 436


Already Fried 272


Three Candles 317


Visiting Day 352


Proving Ground 323


Makes Sense To Me 297


Proving Ground 66


Climb To Safety 399


Set Two

Thought Sausage 338


Travelin' Light 342


Bowlegged Woman 726


Love Tractor 315


Big Wooly Mammoth 467


Cream Puff War 180


Memphis Jam 337


Drums 658


Memphis Jam 196


City Of Dreams 474


Tie Your Shoes 556


Lawyers, Guns And Money 417



May Your Glass Be Filled 291


Porch Song 213


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