Widespread Panic

Nikon at Jones Beach Theater

Wantagh, NY

Aug 27, 2009

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) and Blackout Blues with Derek Trucks on guitar.
  • Fishwater with Oteil Burbridge on bass.
  • Protein Drink > Sewing Machine with Warren Haynes on guitar.

Revolver Ocelot 10/8/2009 7:30:06 AM

"Hey Peggyo! I've seen your posts on the Phish boards - small world! I enjoy your heady posts."

Peggyo 9/4/2009 9:11:34 AM

"John Bell and Jimmy Herring : ) a beautiful combination : ) both are wizards : ) john bell's vocal power, that soul and invigorating power....matched up with one of the guitar gods of our time, Jimmy Herring...that beautiful southern sound...but it's more than that...it's got that improvizational power..Anastasio-like...he's got some Garcia in him too...he makes it...him and John Bell...and everyone...this band works because the band gives Herring lead when he wants it : ) and that's the wisdom of Bell. "

Dave in AZ 9/2/2009 8:31:52 AM

"The Blue Indian > Hatfield made my tour. Beautiful set to match a beautiful setting. Jimmy Herring has infused this already great band with a high level of new energy."

slipknot 8/28/2009 11:25:44 AM

"short but sweet.panic came out smokin.the band was tight,a lot more energy than the bros.otiel and schools together was cool.a pretty good hatfield too.they cranked from missisipi on.good show"


Setlist at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY on Aug 27, 2009

Set One

Three Candles 342


Worry 400


From the Cradle 260


Tall Boy 565


Blue Indian 306


Hatfield 758


Impossible 463


Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) 793


Blackout Blues 559


Fishwater 940


Protein Drink 266


Sewing Machine 622


Ain't Life Grand 313


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