Widespread Panic

Nokia Theatre

Grand Prairie, TX

Jul 26, 2006

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • Thought Sausage, Time Zones, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi), Casa Del Grillo, Stop-Go, Diner, Blackout Blues, Pilgrims, Coconut, Down, When The Clowns Come Home, 1 x 1, Christmas Katie, May Your Glass Be Filled, & One Arm Steve with John Keane on guitar/pedal steel guitar

  • Machine, Barstools And Dreamers, The Take Out, Porch Song with Sam Holt on guitar
  • Reviews

    BrianM 8/15/2006 11:09:37 AM

    "It was a solid show. I don`t think they sounded as good as 05 show in dallas though. I`ve listened to the 05 show for months and never got tired of it. This year it had it`s moments but the guitar was not as good IMHO. Happy to see the 3 dates in Austin for fall tour! ROAD TRIP!!!! Keep jammin dudes! "

    I`m MM 8/6/2006 6:31:46 AM

    "Whats up red hot mama!!! Great show. Had a job interview the next day and nailed it. I`m so glad I didnt bail on the show."

    DallasDude 8/5/2006 8:46:25 AM

    "Excellent time. I was hankering for some Conrad the Catepillar but maybe next show. Thin Air was amazing with great percussions. Down sounded very nice. Sorry to hear about George but I think it will all work out well. Jimmy Herring will do a bang up job and George will find something. I`ll never miss these guys if they are in town - keep jammin!"

    Mike 8/3/2006 8:44:57 PM

    "Wow - amazing show. Porch Song, Pilgrims, Barstools were my favorites. Oh yeah Timezone is my new favorite. These guys are out of this world!"

    Mourer 8/3/2006 8:24:30 PM

    "I have no clue what was played...had to check the website to see the set list. But, man...what a show. I had a whole set of sore legs for days (glutes, hammies, calves, etc.) from the serious-ass noddlin` that I did on row MM. And I have no idea who the chick was who was mugging down with two dudes in the row in front of us, but I`m glad she didn`t try and interrupt my groove. Sort of..."


    Setlist at Nokia Theatre, Grand Prairie, TX on Jul 26, 2006

    Set One

    Thought Sausage 331


    Time Zones 305


    Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) 495


    Bust It Big 520


    Who Do You Belong To? 322


    Casa Del Grillo 450


    Stop-Go 677


    Diner 931


    Blackout Blues 471


    Set Two

    Pilgrims 492


    Coconut 451


    Down 282


    When the Clowns Come Home 523


    1 x 1 394


    Christmas Katie 697


    Drums 656


    Grand Prairie Jam 437


    Machine 186


    Barstools and Dreamers 625


    The Take Out 134


    Porch Song 466



    May Your Glass Be Filled 287


    One Arm Steve 220


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