Widespread Panic

North Charleston Coliseum

Charleston, SC

Oct 25, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Logic Jam with DJ Logic on turntables.

  • Drums with Hunter Williams on percussion.
  • Reviews

    Aztek 12/3/2008 2:29:22 PM

    "This was my friend fish's first show and he was front of the pit right in front of Dave he loved it! kinda similar to the atlanta show though?! and the cameras were all over the place these guys had this shirt with a fish on it that said something it was a takle and bait shop and they didnt know where this footage would be at. bummer man."

    Blake 10/30/2008 12:03:35 PM

    "This was the best Spread show I've ever seen. I saw the cameras too. It would be so sweet if they made a DVD cuz this was a ridiculous show and Herring was on fire. I had my face melted. Download this show. FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS!!!"

    luvmuscle77 10/30/2008 10:06:39 AM

    "i didn't notice any cameras, but then again my vision was a tad impaired."

    walkonguildedsplinters 10/29/2008 2:05:54 PM

    "man rediculous show!By far this is the best show i have seen yet outa 13 shows. Still my favorite place to see panic. After the first night i thought they couldnt have upstaged themselves but man FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS>drus>guilded>love tractor>FFF what??! Amazing to see favorite band play my favorite sabbath song. A def must have show. And that would be amazing if this would be the 1st DVD with the superhuman known as Jimmy Herring P.S. i love the snowflake!"

    Coconut Phil Simpsonville, SC 10/29/2008 1:46:47 PM

    "Nice and dry for this show, the energy was high. The whole show was being filmed for a possible DVD, I hope so. The Fairies wear boots through Guilded Splinters was off the chain, really solid jam. DJ Logic always lays it down solid. I had a great time and was glad to be there. Keep jamming. Living Free in America. Coconut Phil. 10/29/08"


    Setlist at North Charleston Coliseum, Charleston, SC on Oct 25, 2008

    Set One

    Logic Jam 425


    Ribs and Whiskey 356


    Blackout Blues 477


    Walkin' (For Your Love) 234


    Climb To Safety 364


    Walkin' (For Your Love) 688


    Rock 383


    I'm Not Alone 390


    The Take Out 144


    Papa Johnny Road 505


    Porch Song 221


    Set Two

    Logic Jam 520


    B of D 209


    Pigeons 582


    Bust It Big 931


    Jack 482


    Fairies Wear Boots 621


    Drums 785


    Charleston Jam 676


    I Walk On Guilded Splinters 679


    Love Tractor 341


    Flat Foot Flewzy 437



    End Of The Show 289


    Ain't Life Grand 327


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