Widespread Panic

Northrop Memorial Auditorium

Minneapolis, MN

Oct 22, 2006

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • Bear's Gone Fishin', Blue Indian, Party At Your Mama's House, Wondering, Blight, Chest Fever, Don't Wanna Lose You & May Your Glass Be Filled with John Keane on guitars
  • Reviews

    mnpanic 12/5/2006 7:34:26 PM

    "This was another tight MN show. I was there and I hope the the Northrop balcony was designed to move that much because from Henry Parsons on that thing was bouncing 3-4" up and down for the rest of the show. In my opinion the JB acoustic on "Happy" is worth the download alone. "

    bowleggedman 11/24/2006 9:04:52 PM

    "great solid show. the musicianship was so tight and on point, the boys were just right on this night. similar to last show in minneapolis, but jimmy brought that extra effort to impress me more. wore a blue indian sweatshirt to show 1st row balcony, and saw schools tell me it was coming in the bears gone fishin, thanks bro, cant wait till we meet again"

    Q 10/28/2006 1:30:28 PM

    "Great show!!!! All i can say is Bears Gone Fishin> Blue Indian> Party at Your Momma`s House!!!! Unbelievable Chainsaw City"

    wspallthetime 10/26/2006 9:14:08 PM

    "This was a seriously intense show! The boys rolled through the night with one tight flowing stream into yet another. I felt the steam being built up from Contentment Blues on. At the start of the 2nd set, they got RIGHT back into it, and then they burst into flames somewhere in the long jams of the set. They are definitely playing tight with Jimmy. Sheer fire tonite. Excuse me?- Blight (which I wrote on my hand before the show started in permanent marker) >Chainsaw. Truly, truly sick. Kids, pay attention to this one closely. It is Widespread Panic on fire. Thanks for an incredible weekend y`all!"

    Wyatt Earp 10/26/2006 7:42:28 PM

    "Jimmy Herring is one smooth MF. This guy just belts it out with ease. What a grinder show. Holy Jamoly. I thought Chong was going to appear or something. I had to slap myself a few times to break out of the guitar mezmorizor they were dishing out. Schools is huge, literally, what a monster. Sasquatch on bass. Haven`t downloaded this one yet, but will."


    Setlist at Northrop Memorial Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN on Oct 22, 2006

    Set One

    Pleas 637


    Henry Parsons Died 474


    When the Clowns Come Home 391


    Bear's Gone Fishin' 863


    Blue Indian 307


    Party At Your Mama's House 583


    Wondering 262


    Contentment Blues 385


    Makes Sense To Me 270


    Set Two

    Happy 358


    Diner 1203


    Little Lilly 386


    Blight 462


    Chest Fever 510


    Don't Wanna Lose You 422


    Chainsaw City 622


    Drums 758


    Minneapolis Jam 436


    I'm Not Alone 391


    Goin' Out West 372


    Love Tractor 403



    May Your Glass Be Filled 271


    Blackout Blues 438


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