Widespread Panic

Radio City Music Hall

New York, NY

Jul 22, 2010

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Show Notes
  • Drums, Love Tractor, Bust It Big, and Arlene w/ DJ Logic on Turntables



jimmy5 2/23/2012 9:22:57 PM

"1st row amazing sound collaboration of musicians these guys were truly on cruise control, it also helped to hear 15 out of the 1st 25 songs i like by panic on m,y i pod. reconfirmed that show was sic & i,ve seen many"

H Parsons 8/4/2010 10:02:55 AM

"I agree with the previous posters about this show lacking a certain energy from both the band and crowd. Not sure why. Maybe it was the uneven first set, which opened up strong and had nice versions of Airplane and Pilgrims, but in between was sort of slow. The ending trio of St Ex>Protein Drink>Sewing Machine is well played, but I am not a big fan of the "heavy metal" sound the band employs for those three tunes, and have seen PD>SM at almost every local NY show since 2007. The second set had more energy, and the show really took off starting with the Impossible through the hot encore of Henry Parson's. The Love Tractor >Bust it Big and Arleen were particularly good, but overall this show does not match up with the next night in Danbury or the Boston show IMO. "

CCMB 7/27/2010 10:44:55 AM

"I agree for the most part with Fishbulb but I don't think the band was off at all, the crowd just took a little while to come around. Part of this can be the RCMH layout and everyone being relatively spread out, or from 6th Ave having much of a parking lot to get the energy up before the show. I noticed as well people seemed a little tranquilized during the first set, maybe traumatized from paying 14.50 for a pack of smokes... Benefit is that the whole recording is excellent; and the second set was a bullet train with a killer collaboration with DJ Logic, especially on drums/bass. Recording quality is great, a lot of bass, could maybe turn Sunny up a bit... The band looked rested and pumped to playing in that legendary space. Also, check out pictures from the show - the lighting engineer is the 7th member of the band as far as I'm concerned. "

FishBulb 7/24/2010 8:01:28 PM

"Thursday night in NYC... the first set had an up and down energy. The crowd didn't seem to initially respond until the opening notes of Pleas. The energy stayed high through Imitation Leather Shoes but then the band and fans didn't reconnect again until Airplane (the version here rocked). Saint Ex missed the mark but the closer of Protein/Sewing was spectacular and provided a taste of what was to come in the 2nd set. Somebody injected some caffeine into RCMH during setbreak because from the opening notes of Flicker, the show and crowd took off. There was not a moment to catch your breath (a good thing IMO) until Drums, when the DJ kit was rolled out. Fans have their mixed reactions to DJ Logic. Some in attendance appeared disinterested and if you were once of them, I feel you missed on a highlight of the night. For me, Drums is always the time to head to the bathroom or get a drink. Here, the energy was high and there was a connection between Sunny, Todd and Logic that was magical. When Dave came out to add the bass to the mix... wow. No rest as the band knocked out great versions of Bust It Big and Arleen. Solid Rock closed out an amazing 2nd set."


Setlist at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY on Jul 22, 2010

Set One

Heroes 317


  • $0.99
Pleas 570


  • $0.99
Imitation Leather Shoes 272


  • $0.99
True To My Nature 345


  • $0.99
Angels On High 414


  • $0.99
Airplane 653


  • $0.99
Pilgrims 486


  • $0.99
Saint Ex 412


  • $0.99
Protein Drink/Sewing Machine 622


  • $0.99

Set Two

Flicker 316


  • $0.99
Diner 855


  • $1.29
Stop Breakin' Down 429


  • $0.99
Jaded Tourist 324


  • $0.99
Impossible 601


  • $0.99
Drums 828


  • $1.29
Love Tractor 325


  • $0.99
Bust It Big 475


  • $0.99
Arlene 616


  • $0.99
I'm Not Alone 402


  • $0.99
Solid Rock 489


  • $0.99


Henry Parsons Died 365


  • $0.99

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