Widespread Panic

Radio City Music Hall

New York, NY

Sep 14, 2006

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • First show with Jimmy Herring on guitar

  • John Keane on guitar for C. Brown, Time Zones, Don't Wanna Lose You, Give, Tall Boy, You Got Yours, You Should Be Glad, Wondering, Bear's Gone Fishing, Papa's Home, Solid Rock, Action Man, May Your Glass Be Filled, & Chest Fever

  • First Chest Fever
  • Reviews

    chuckm 10/2/2006 8:17:22 AM

    "Off the Charts!... Been seeing panic since 92 with the re-release party of Space Wrangler. As great as ever.. Thanks for a great show in the Big Apple.. The download is awesome!.. Peace.."

    gamecock andy 9/22/2006 5:37:45 PM

    "Where are the CD labels?"

    nbd 9/21/2006 9:16:02 AM

    "Great turn around time on getting these highly anticipated shows out to the public. For Jimmy`s first night - he sounds INCREDIBLE! He absolutely nailed the `Rebirtha` to the wall and set a new standard for this Widespread incarnation. It`s refreshing to hear him bring a new direction with his solos, and still be so on time. Also noteworthy for me- the `Wondering` held an excitement equal to its `Everyday` beginings!!"

    Flaggog 9/19/2006 9:50:53 PM

    "At first I was a little worried about Herring joining the band because he is such an intense and technical player. Don`t get me wrong, but he is one of my favorite guitarists. He absolutely rocks with Panic and now that he is in the band, I think that they will explore new horizons with their music. Abviously they didn`t have to have him or need him, but his addition to the band is very exciting!"

    Mike 9/19/2006 8:12:46 PM

    "I love Jimmy`s playing but I would rather see John Keane alone or Sam alone. I felt the end of the summer with Sam was the closest thing to the real Panic that we all knew and loved. I guess it will never be the same. Different can be good but I don`t think so in this case. "


    Setlist at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY on Sep 14, 2006

    Set One

    Pleas 348


    Imitation Leather Shoes 286


    Rebirtha 554


    Blackout Blues 442


    C. Brown 366


    Time Zones 383


    Don't Wanna Lose You 396


    Give 281


    Tall Boy 302


    Set Two

    You Got Yours 372


    You Should Be Glad 854


    Wondering 449


    Bear's Gone Fishin' 798


    Arlene 743


    Drums 538


    Papa's Home 654


    Junior 281


    Solid Rock 373


    Action Man 319



    May Your Glass Be Filled 289


    Chest Fever 450


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