Widespread Panic

Ranch Bowl

Omaha, NE

Jul 1, 1997

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • digital noise on Sandbox and Tall Boy

Matthew Wertman 7/7/2012 12:08:54 AM

"....well I had been living in SLC from 92-June 97 and just said farewell to my amigos after Red Rock shows the days before. I was heading back to Buffalo, NY for awhile...When I left Colorado I had more tshirts that I made back in SLC. They were a take on Space Wrangler with ..'Ride Without Fear' on the back. When I found out they were playing in Omaha the next day, I sped there as fast as I could with my mountain bike on the rack in my VW Fox that was filled w' all of my belongings...after a day jamming to Counting Crows w 'Omaha' blaring while rolling through Nebraska, I literally drove into the parking lot while Galleon was just starting. WOW I was on cloud 9...I did not have a ticket, but somehow I got in just before my all time favorite tune kicked in, C Brown. OMG that was a bitchin 'life is the bomb' moment..my 27 year old ass with a bunch of homegrown Panic T's, on the sand, in the sun, on a volleyball court grooving hard to WP...It felt like I was at a random kegger with a bunch of friend's w Panic playing....and the whole setlist was gems o' plenty!....my adrenaline is pumping just writing about it....this show was really special, thanks guys. I am only one of a grand bunch of folks that your music has touched over many, many years, and for that I am grateful-Peas, Matt"

Steve 6/20/2012 7:46:03 AM

"i don't think these photos were from this show. i have the actual flyer framed in my office(if anyone wants a pic of it). if i remember correctly, they played on a flat-bed truck trailer with minimal lights and no screen behind them. i could be wrong. this show ranks in my top 5. played keno in the bowling alley bar and bought jb a drink before the show. miss you mikey <3 "

Stanlee Mouse 6/16/2012 5:01:02 PM


Parabol 5/24/2012 11:52:04 PM

"I've waited many years for this gem. Thank you for choosing such a worthy show for release. Glad this show is getting some recognition!"

Dennison Webb 5/24/2012 1:55:14 PM

"Definitely Feelin' Alright after some '97 Panic. Keep up the great work!"


Setlist at Ranch Bowl, Omaha, NE on Jul 1, 1997

Set One

Galleon 241


  • $0.99
Do What You Like 397


  • $0.99
Better Off 351


  • $0.99
Radio Child 406


  • $0.99
1 x 1 256


  • $0.99
C. Brown 496


  • $0.99
Sandbox 300


  • $0.99
Just Kissed My Baby 657


  • $0.99
Makes Sense To Me 298


  • $0.99

Set Two

Dirty Business 808


  • $1.29
Ain't Life Grand 349


  • $0.99
LA 247


  • $0.99
Tall Boy 558


  • $0.99
Aunt Avis 312


  • $0.99
Tie Your Shoes 486


  • $0.99
Bears Gone Fishing 427


  • $0.99
Drums 659


  • $0.99
Contentment Blues 318


  • $0.99
Proving Ground 451


  • $0.99


Feelin' Alright 637


  • $0.99

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