Widespread Panic

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Morrison, CO

Jun 29, 2014

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Show Notes


Lucifer 9/21/2022 3:35:15 PM

"This show was so,so. Flicker is a freakin Rock N Roll song! No panic fan I've ever known or talked to has had any dislike for it? Quite the opposite! End of 1st set kicked ___!!"

James G . 9/5/2014 2:43:40 PM

" Weak show .... But salvaging it mid way is worth Much credit .... 17 years knowing their music , and I hadn't heard such a thing . At least the rest of the tour is quite good . And the remaining dates were quite worth checking out . - Have an A** KICKING Fall tour . Tear it up . - "

Stephen Solis 7/3/2014 11:19:18 AM

"6/29/14 is exactly why I go see Widespread Panic. The setlist choice, Schools and JoJo pushing the edges and JB completely inspired. The band was locked in and ready to go right from the outset. Flicker divides fans, but lyrically I can't help but love it. "Some folks say magic's gone away, look closer and you might see the Flicker..." Jimmy, Schools and Todd crushed this one and it was obvious that JB's voice was in full form. C Brown started so delicately which really served the feeling of this special song. "You can walk on home with me. You don't need to say another word..." Schools threw out some funkery and seemed to look around the amphitheater to see who was going to be with him on this hot Sunday afternoon. JoJo and Schools turned Better Off into a dance party and then boom: Genesis. We had stopped hoping for Genesis. I hadn't seen in since 4/28/02 and after 35 shows my wife had never seen it. The build ups were just right and JB's vocals made each special phrase stand out. To start the 3rd verse it was only JB and Schools and then the rest of the band joined in. We could have left right then and been satisfied. ATL was solid with things getting away a little at the end. Crazy is always welcome. There was a noticable key change into the jam and a few minutes of some of Jimmy's best they dropped the key back down and finished up, moving right into Ain't No Use. Schools owned it. After a stellar version and the band sustaining a solid jam, JB motioned to take it up and they went for it. Parts of it were fantastic and I always appreciate them trying to push the envelope. Ophelia>Shape I'm In, Chest Fever was better than I could have hoped for! 3 Bloodkin songs to start the second set were well received (Eric wrote the lyrics for True to My Nature) with the jams in TtMN really getting the crowd moving. JoJo took the next 3. I always want more JoJo and to get three in a row was a real treat. It felt like all 12,000 were locked in for Tall Boy. I hadn't experienced a version like this in years. BiB was a monster as usual. Jimmy pushed the band a bit and the caught up with him for a great ending. Time Fades Away> Ballad of John and Yoko had the crowd hopping and JB sounded as good in these two tunes as he did all day. He was having a ball. PUTP was a treat, but didn't have the same feel that they were able to capture in C. Brown. I won't ever regret seeing PUTP on a setlist. Surprise Valley was my first since moving to Colorado and it meant a little more this time. Jimmy missed the peak they built, but still a solid version with a sweet melt out JAM lead by JoJo and then handed off to Schools. You might see YSBG as a set closer and scratch your head, but this one lived up to the expectations. They hit a real peak, all 6 together and the lyrics so much to so many. "We found a time and place to call our own..." MYGBF was emotional for us. After not seeing Panic for a year and them giving us such a perfect show these lyrics meant even more. Houser, the fans, JB, it was all swirling in the air. Likewise, when I was seeing 15+ shows a year, I might turn my nose up to a CTS show closer, but this was likely the highlight of the show musically. Schools shook the ground underneath your feet and every person I could see was giving it everything they had. Perfect show! "


Setlist at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO on Jun 29, 2014

Set One

Flicker 354


C. Brown 343


Better Off 358


Genesis 374


All Time Low 288


Crazy 386


It Ain't No Use 629


Ophelia 202


Shape I'm In 275


Chest Fever 444


Set Two

Can't Get High 220


Quarter Tank of Gasoline 429


True To My Nature 302


Tall Boy 262


Bust It Big 731


Big Wooly Mammoth 466


Time Fades Away 379


Ballad Of John And Yoko 261


Pickin' Up The Pieces 375


Surprise Valley 334


Drums 50


Surprise Valley 341


You Should Be Glad 711



May Your Glass Be Filled 337


Climb to Safety 412


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