Widespread Panic

Red Rocks

Morrison, CO

Sep 14, 1991

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About Formats
About Formats

Joe G 7/23/2022 3:43:30 PM

"Few spelling errors I see. Plus, I’d like to add…I am married to that girlfriend I mentioned. "

Joe G 7/23/2022 3:40:23 PM

"Went down to Red Rocks on 9/14/91 to see Blues Traveler. WSP came on as the opener and I’ve been hooker ever since. I recall turning to my girlfriend during Makes Sense to Me and saying “who the hell are these guys!?” Then closing out with Pigeons, I knew I found my new favorite band. Saw them a few months later at The Rack n Roll pool had in Colo Springs, followed by Ft Ram the next night in Ft Collins. Again, love them, and I miss Mikey. "

Bicoastal Daze 6/25/2017 9:01:51 PM

"ooh wee"


Setlist at Red Rocks, Morrison, CO on Sep 14, 1991

Set One

Space Wrangler 531


C. Brown 425


Walkin' 276


Makes Sense To Me 220


Rock 519


Proving Ground 464


Pigeons 443


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