Widespread Panic

Red Rocks

Morrison, CO

Sep 14, 1991

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About Formats
About Formats

Joe G 7/23/2022 3:43:30 PM

"Few spelling errors I see. Plus, I’d like to add…I am married to that girlfriend I mentioned. "

Joe G 7/23/2022 3:40:23 PM

"Went down to Red Rocks on 9/14/91 to see Blues Traveler. WSP came on as the opener and I’ve been hooker ever since. I recall turning to my girlfriend during Makes Sense to Me and saying “who the hell are these guys!?” Then closing out with Pigeons, I knew I found my new favorite band. Saw them a few months later at The Rack n Roll pool had in Colo Springs, followed by Ft Ram the next night in Ft Collins. Again, love them, and I miss Mikey. "

Bicoastal Daze 6/25/2017 9:01:51 PM

"ooh wee"


Setlist at Red Rocks, Morrison, CO on Sep 14, 1991

Set One

Space Wrangler 531


  • $0.99
C. Brown 425


  • $0.99
Walkin' 276


  • $0.99
Makes Sense To Me 220


  • $0.99
Rock 519


  • $0.99
Proving Ground 464


  • $0.99
Pigeons 443


  • $0.99

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