Widespread Panic

Riverside Theater

Milwaukee, WI

Nov 7, 2008

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About Formats
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jack straw 11/25/2008 4:54:15 AM

"Hi Surf City, yesterday I downloaded the show-great advice; I don't be disappointed...great sound & f...great "Diner". Please give me more ( I hope) from this food...it looks like you are a well informed person in the vault of Panic heaven, Thank you very much "

Surf City 11/17/2008 10:53:05 PM

"jack straw, Download the 07/25/05 show at Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville,IN. Far out and groovy setlist and an outta sight "Diner". You won't be disappointed!"

jack straw 11/15/2008 8:58:40 AM

"Hi Henry Parsons lives...thanks for your detailed indications of some worthwhile shows...also that you take a look at the sound quality...I think I will begin to download with 11-05-05 show...after much listening to Jimmy's heavy sound I need a little bit acoustic/peaceful...a reducing atmosphere. Excuse me and I don't want to be intrusive, but when & where WSP played the(three?) best Diner ( it's my absolut favorite WSP song)? Take care and much fun in the country with the best guitar players of the world (Jerry, Michael, Warren and so on) until next time ( I hope) Thank you "

Henry Parsons lives 11/14/2008 3:47:35 PM

"Hey jack straw. Here are some shows from summer tour that I thought were above average. 6-28-08(SW>FWB>LL was awesome. A little M. Houser> a little Jimmy> a little George.)6-29-08. Just a solid show top to bottom. 7-01-08 (a PG club sandwich with a DS sandwich inside of that.Great. The rest of the show is just as good.)7-02-08( The K.C. rampage continued.)7-19-08(Great recording of a great show.)7-26-08(Great set list, great sound, great show.)As far as fall tour. The two shows in Atlanta were good but the sound is not the best. Halloween was a good show with some good new songs. No other shows really looked good to me. If you are George fan like me, I just got 11-05-05 Denver,Co(Kick ass acoustic first set. The rest of the show is good too.) and 11-06-05 Denver(Great show. Great sound. AofD>Gimme>BofD was fantastic). Hope this helped. Peace to you. WSmfP "

jack straw/ Panic in Germany 11/12/2008 11:23:13 PM

"Hi Henry Parson lives, or an other Panic-Profi...last year you gave me a list of special WSP shows...can you do it again for this fall tour and the last summer tour?...I think (the setlists of) the Riverside concerts could be intersting?...apart from that, I share your feeling about Jimmy's guitar play...nonetheless I love WSP... Thank you"


Setlist at Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI on Nov 7, 2008

Set One

Let's Get Down To Business 281


  • $0.99
Travelin' Light 372


  • $0.99
Fishwater 647


  • $0.99
Angels On High 541


  • $0.99
It Ain't No Use 777


  • $1.29
C. Brown 384


  • $0.99
Liza's Apartment 290


  • $0.99
You Got Yours 470


  • $0.99
Chainsaw City 587


  • $0.99

Set Two

Give 420


  • $0.99
Porch Song 522


  • $0.99
Ribs and Whiskey 505


  • $0.99
Bear's Gone Fishin' 737


  • $1.29
Blue Indian 341


  • $0.99
Faries Wear Boots 668


  • $0.99
Second Skin 791


  • $1.29
Solid Rock 578


  • $0.99


Pleas 423


  • $0.99
Makes Sense To Me 313


  • $0.99
May Your Glass Be Filled 302


  • $0.99
Mr. Soul 310


  • $0.99

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