Widespread Panic

Riverside Theater

Milwaukee, WI

Nov 8, 2008

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smellmycoconuts 11/25/2008 6:26:56 PM

"Super hot show, wish i was there, but i disagree about the "effects" on j.b.s voice at the start of arlene. I thought it was a audio glitch, sounded bad, but if it wasn't, please y'all. That man's voice doesn't need no effects... besides that, best show I've heard since mikey, see y'all in denver."

mshalfstep 11/20/2008 10:30:54 PM

"I have listened to damn near every show from this year, x/c for maaaaybe 1 or 2. I purchase SBD's of the shows that either I have been to, or if I simply feel the boys lit the f'king place up. As for FALL TOUR 2008 - IMHO, this show just might be The ONE of 'em all - RAW, HIIIIGH ENERGY, THE (fairly) jaw-dropping setlist (love the 'Cradle > Proving' opener, but, FOR SURE, its the 'Pusherman > Monkey > Weak Brain > Goodpeople > Cream Puff War' run to close was as fine as these ears have experienced .... Set II .... just look at IT ! Sweeet 'Vacation > Jack' .... loved the 'Low Spark > TYS > Low Spark > Under The Radar Jam' ... -BUT- My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part of it all is the smoldering 'jam > ARLEEEEN (w/the craaazy Healyesque vocal filter on JB !!!) > FIRE ON THE MTN JAM (albeit short, but no doubt its there !!!) > STOP-GO ..... annnnnd, waaah ? .... 'Sharon' to close the set ?! Then a GREAT 1-2 'rarer' punch for the encore ?!?!?!!!! Siiiick, Siiiiiiick stuff here guys & gerls .... I think this night is my personal favorite from Fall Tour, but with Charleston coming in a tiiiiiight, tiight second to this one - Iffin you gotst tha ducats, get the SBD of this one, the Schoeps mk4 pull from the balcony was daaaamn fine, but I would still choose to have BOTH !!!"

S 11/17/2008 9:28:05 PM

"This entire run was really amazing, and this show in particular shows exactly what type of sound Panic achieves at peaks. Songs absolutely nailed lyrically and with the best touch of musicanship by every band member. This is one of those nights that confirms why I continually want to see more. Proving Ground on the river. That whole business from Pusherman through Cream Puff...DISGUSTING! SET II + Encore - just look at it and imagine it on a night when everything is played perfectly. A definite selection that will be revisited over and over...as will the other two nights of this run. Outstanding show(s)!!!"

topdogger 11/17/2008 7:17:17 PM

" Hey B of D-this was also my 18th show-what a coincidence-posted a long.... review of the run on phantasy board-during this show at some point I said to dude next to me "We may be heading into show of the year territory" love the vocal effect on J.B.'s voice at beginning of Arleen never heard it with Panic- is this common for Arleen? don't know the effect but it makes it sound like listener is on nitrous."

B of D 11/14/2008 3:12:02 PM

"This was my 18th show and by far the best one. i mean c'mon pusherman, sleepy monkey, and Goodpeople all in set one. Then to come out and do Vacation, Jack , and Arleen was simply incredible. By the way love a Postcard in an encore. nice work ya'll"


Setlist at Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI on Nov 8, 2008

Set One

From the Cradle 279


Proving Ground 382


A of D 179


Glory 312


Old Joe 196


Pusherman 358


Riverside Jam 662


Sleepy Monkey 472


Weak Brain, Narrow Mind 263


Goodpeople 450


Cream Puff War 244


Set Two

Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) 625


Vacation 853


Jack 420


The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 794


Tie Your Shoes 614


The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 160


Riverside Jam 164


Drums 675


Riverside Jam 249


Arlene 829


Stop-Go 563


Sleeping Man 441


Sharon 826



Postcard 259


Flat Foot Flewzy 346


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