Widespread Panic

Roy Wilkens Auditorium

Minneapolis , MN

Oct 1, 2005

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About Formats

Jason 8/7/2006 8:48:07 PM

"First show I saw since 12/31/01.. hence 1st George show. First set was so-so up until JoJo f`ed up Visiting Day and off they went into a nice spacey jam. I`d never heard None Of Us Are Free so that was cool. Pigeons to close is always nice. Chainsaw City out of the gates surprised me, very nice. Things really took off after that. Flewzy, Jack, Down... all nice. Lilly > Bears` > Drums > Party > Arleen > Rock!!! That`s what I`m talking about. Heaven, oh Heaven..."

WSMFP 1/22/2006 8:16:13 AM

"out of the 24 shows I saw this year I really enjoyed this night. I chose not to see the show from the floor because it seemed too crowded and in the seats I had a little room to fly. It was a harsh toke about the roadie in texas I heard a few references to that in the show. I think 2005 was one of panic`s best years as a band, I can`t wait for 2006 tour. CRY FOR MORE!!!!"

jenny 1/2/2006 5:20:12 PM

"I was blown away by this performance... no words can describe! So many memories made, new friends were made... but as for "Dan the Man"... I was the girl next to you, who was at the front for the entire show, and Dave threw his pick to me and the security guard gave it to you instead, but whatever, I`ll get over it sometime! Thanks for a wonderful evening, guys!"

Kaytie 12/3/2005 1:18:46 AM

"Flat foot flewzy... 10/1/05 BERIT`S 21st.... amen."

fargo panic fanatic 10/27/2005 7:41:22 AM

"Of all the Panic shows i`ve seen, this has topped my list so far. Bear, pigeons, Arleen, not to mention heaven. Like heaven, Fargo is a place where nothing ever happens; Maybe the boys could stop by good ol` ND sometime and show our town a good time??!! Either way, I`ll be seing them again, and again, and then some"


Setlist at Roy Wilkens Auditorium, Minneapolis , MN on Oct 1, 2005

Set One

Pleas 564


  • $0.99
One Arm Steve 227


  • $0.99
Tortured Artist 297


  • $0.99
Can't Get High 202


  • $0.99
Junior 396


  • $0.99
Weight Of The World 327


  • $0.99
I Like The Things About Me 483


  • $0.99
Visiting Day 761


None Of Us Are Free 401


  • $0.99
Pigeons 548


  • $0.99

Set Two

Chainsaw City 551


  • $0.99
Flat Foot Flewzy 378


  • $0.99
Jack 428


  • $0.99
Down 282


  • $0.99
Little Lilly 848


Bear's Gone Fishing 589


  • $0.99
Drums 358


  • $0.99
Party At Your Mama's House 504


  • $0.99
Arleen 816


Rock 446


  • $0.99


Heaven 297


  • $0.99
Tall Boy 266


  • $0.99

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