Widespread Panic

Saint Augustine Amphitheatre

St. Augustine, FL

Oct 26, 2008

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About Formats
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Scott Hopkins 10/30/2008 5:41:05 PM

""Never miss a Sunday show" remains a truism! From the opening "Fishwater," it was obvious that this was going to be titanic. Check out the "North > Smokestack Lightning." Jimmy Herring is simply off the chain. And then there is the second set... "All Time Low" blasts out, then the warbly keyboard notes of "Mama Told Me Not to Come," then a superb "You Should Be Glad." I called "Tie Your Shoes" earlier in the morning, and it seemed obvious it would emerge from "Three Candles." Despite the brief delay for the crowd disturbance, this 20-minute version of TYS attempts -- unsuccessfully -- to rein in Herring, who leaps from peak to ever-higher peak. Absolutely insane. And then a spacy jam rolls into a magic "Ride Me High." You NEED this show! "

Matt T 10/30/2008 5:01:51 PM

"I agree with Mike - this venue was awesome - please come back again. I'd like to thank the security staff(including Schools) for doing an excellent job. Check out "tie your shoes" - its a real show stopper."

ellisdee25 10/30/2008 1:46:30 PM

"I was at the show...FREAKIN' INCREDIBLE!! Jimmy was on fire!!! The jamming was insane!! It was my 2nd WP show and I will be at every show I can from now on! Download it now!! You will not be disappointed !! Peace!"

Jax Wrangler 10/29/2008 2:43:27 PM

"Smokin' show! 2nd set especially good! Schools doing security and ripping TYS was awesome! Download 4 sure goodpeople!"

Mike with the Blue spider tye dye 10/29/2008 2:33:17 PM

"I was at this show and was totally blow out of my seat. This show is absolutely insane! I just finished downloading this and cannot wait to "check it out".If it is half as hot as I remember, then it'll be pretty hot. This venue is really great. From freindly staff to visible but non interfereing police officers. Please make this a yearly stop."


Setlist at Saint Augustine Amphitheatre, St. Augustine, FL on Oct 26, 2008

Set One

Jam 254


Fishwater 578


Papa Legba 492


Little Kin 398


Down 359


North 488


Smokestack Lightning 561


Proving Ground 433


Travelin' Man 445


Goin' Out West 344


Set Two

All Time Low 310


Mama Told Me Not To Come 268


You Should Be Glad 748


Three Candles 313


Tie Your Shoes 1177


Ride Me High 886


Blue Indian 333


Holden Oversoul 475


Big Wooly Mammoth 357


Makes Sense To Me 359



Expiration Day 298


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