Widespread Panic

Snow King Amphitheater

Jackson Hole, WY

Jul 19, 2006

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Entire show with John Keane on guitar/pedal steel guitar

  • Hatfield & Arleen > No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature > Space Wrangler with Sam Holt on guitar
  • Reviews

    Milehigh Panic 8/11/2006 3:26:37 PM

    "Drove 10 hrs all the way to Jackson Hole and I have only one thing to say. "Buggs Bunny, now that`s some GOOD SHIT" (Hatfield). Not to mention the killer Red Hot and Better Off."

    CSTONE 7/30/2006 1:16:41 PM

    "If you were at this show, you KNOW it was extraordinary. It wasn`t just that perfect company you were with, or that just right buzz, and I know what it was. THE BAND`S FAMILY WAS THERE. I was just behind the sound stage where a small area was roped off and "secure". I could clearly identify George`s Mom and Dad, they looked just like him. George`s mom proudly admitted it when I had to ask her when she passed me. I`m pretty sure that Sonny`s wife was one of the pretty ladies, and JB`s either, wife, or sister, with a couple of teenaged girls I thought to be (for sure) JB`s daughter and, well, you get the picture. If your were WSP and were gonna have your fam come catch a show, I`m thinking Jackson, WY would be the place. THIS WAS MY FAVORITE OF 9 WSP SHOWS I`VE SEEN. TO THINK I DIDN`T EVEN KNOW OF THEM THIS TIME, 2 YEARS AGO! I HOPE THE BAND TAKES GOOD CARE AND KEEPS ON JAMMIN CUZ I`M AIMING FOR 100 SHOWS!"

    PATFIELD 7/29/2006 9:31:09 AM

    "this here is the purest poo-poo, and I mean that in the best way possible!! Hawt, hawt, HEAT!"

    SPRINKLED FAIRY DUST 7/28/2006 10:09:54 PM

    "MAN OH MAN, Went to the show thinking it couldn`t be better than last years. But i had high hopes for something special. The air was thin, and you could tell the boys came to bring it on, from the first words out of JB`s mouth, HELLOOOO JACKSON HOOOLE!, we all knew something was happening. Great first set with almost complete segues into other songes, always nice to hear. But hold your head on tight for the second set. This set is probably the end all be all that i have heard. By far outweighs anything i have heard in quite some time, if ever. All the way through is a complete head popper. GET IT! Best quote from the night.............JUST SPRINKLE A LITTLE FAIRY DUST ON EM AND WATCH EM GROOOOOWW!!!........ now we know how kids grow up so fast!! HOLY SNICKEY I CAN LISTEN TO THIS EVERYDAY FOR LIFE!! NEVER HEARD JB RAP SO WELL AND COME UP W/ THE CRAZIEST SHIT!! THIS IS WHAT WE WANT FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES, KEEP IT UP BOYS!!!"

    William Friedrichs 7/28/2006 12:22:49 PM

    "Just like last year, this will probably be the best show of the year. The venue is perfect! It looked to me that the boys had as much fun as I did. Was No Sugar/New Mother Nature any fun!!! All I can say is thank you Panic for such a great time. And thanks for playing in my backyard. Billywho Laramie,WY"


    Setlist at Snow King Amphitheater, Jackson Hole, WY on Jul 19, 2006

    Set One

    Little Kin 412


    Pickin' Up The Pieces 453


    Greta 538


    Red Hot Mama 349


    Let's Get Down To Business 326


    Papa's Home 594


    Better Off 325


    Rock 405


    Give 290


    Set Two

    Disco 385


    Holden Oversoul 348


    Life During Wartime 398


    Big Wooly Mammoth 585


    Blight 621


    Ribs and Whiskey 409


    Hatfield 873


    Drums 365


    Jackson Jam 134


    Arleen 575


    No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature 340


    Space Wrangler 555



    Doreatha 335


    Pigeons 579


    City Of Dreams 389


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